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10 Makeup Must Haves that Every Mom Needs

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10 Makeup Must Haves that Every Mom Needs

My goal this year for myself has been on self care.  I ended up burning myself from both ends of the candle and by the middle of December I was totally beat, worn out, and ready to curl under my covers for a long winter’s nap.  Thankfully I had some amazing family members jump in and help out so that I could recharge before January hit and my little ladies and I had to hit the ground running.  One of these amazing family members is my sister in law who is a makeup goddess!!  So with her help I was able to discover 10 makeup must haves that every mom needs.

Over Christmas my Sister in Law asked if she could work her wonders and give me a makeup make over.  I readily agreed because let’s face it her makeup always looks amazing!!  I secretly wish that I could have her talents because man she can work wonders with your face!!  Anyways, I came to learn that in order for makeup to stay on your face for longer than 5 minutes there are some certain products you need to use.  Being a momma on a budget I needed to know the drug store brands that would perform as well as the higher end ones.   And man did the products she use deliver.  So without further ado here are the 10 makeup must haves that every mom needs.

  1. Hard Candy Primer– In order to make your makeup stick to your face it is important to use a primer.  I tried a couple with no luck but when Sister in Love used this primer, my make up truly lasted all day.  I am also a face toucher.  I touch my face an awful lot and I found that my makeup stayed in place despite how many times I touched my face throughout the day.  Make sure you give it a couple of minutes to dry before you put the rest of your makeup on!!
  2. L’oreal Infallible Makeup Extender Spray– Okay okay I’ll give you my beauty secret hack; I used to spray my face with hairspray to get my makeup to stay on.  But I was always left coughing and hacking with the smell of the toxins.  It was pretty gross but isn’t beauty supposed to equal pain?!  Well not anymore.  After Sister in Love was done my makeup look she sprayed my face with this spray.  It feels like you are spraying water on your face but for some reason it makes your makeup last a whole lot longer.  And to be honest what momma doesn’t want that especially if you are a busy momma and don’t have time to reapply makeup all day long.
  3. ELF Lip Exfoliator–  If your lips are always dry and flaky then this is one product that you’ll definitely won’t want to live without!!  At first I thought I was putting on a lip gloss only to discover that this bad boy exfoliates all the dead skin off your lips leaving them smooth and ready to be glossed.  Say goodbye to those  yucky flakey lips and hello to most plump and happy lips!!
  4. L’oreal Infallible foundation–  As I said I am a face toucher and I only have one chance to do my makeup for the day.  That means I need it to stay on.  The girls’ dance studio uses L’oreal infallible foundation for their dance festivals and so I started to try out the brand when my daughters did.  I love that is gives you the coverage you are looking for and lasts all day.  It isn’t heavy and feels smooth to put on.  I really love this foundation and haven’t found anything better that I would recommend more.
  5. Urban Decay Naked Palette–  So this isn’t really drugstore brand but my Sister in Love said it is important that you spend money where it counts and eyeshadow is that thing!!  The department store beauty eyeshadows blow the drugstore eyeshadows out of the water because they are highly pigmented.  That means that the color is made to last and truly who doesn’t want their eyeshadow to look amazing all day long instead of the first ten minutes.  So if you are wanting your eyeshadow to last SIL recommended either the Urban Decay Naked Palette or the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette.
  6. Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette  Okay I know I pretty much summed up all the info needed on this makeup must have but sweet peach has one perk!! For this sweet peach eyeshadow palette is that it actually smells like peaches.  Makeup just got a whole lore more fun because it smells nice to use!!
  7. Maybelline New York Face Studio Contour palette–  Contouring, blush, and highlighting are also a huge part of your face.  I think this is one of the beauty must haves because contouring and blush will either make or break your face.  Again despite this being drugstore brand the results are amazing and last all day.  And a perk the highlight truly gives your face the sparkle that every woman secretly wants.
  8. Annabelle Eyebrow Pencil–  Again long lasting is key when it comes to makeup and your eyebrow pencil is no different.  You don’t want to have one eyebrow looking amazing while the other looks crazy so Annabelle is the brand go to for this one.  Sister in Love recommended that you pick an eyebrow pencil color that is a few shades lighter than your actual hair color so that the eyebrows look natural.  I love this eyebrow pencil because not only does it last but it glides on so easily.  Makeup is always so much nicer when it just glides on.  Also it is a twistable and so you don’t have to waste your time looking for a sharpener for when it gets dull, which for me is another win!!
  9.  Maybelline Fit Me Concealer– Are you sleeping through the night yet momma?!  Sorry to hear that I’m not either.  Are you dealing with dark circles under your eyes??  Yupp me too!!  Some days they even look purple.  Scary I know!!  The Fit Me Concelear is another amazing Makeup must have because it will hide those dark circles that leave you feeling worn out and dragged down.  Having eyes that look fresh and well rested always seem to put a pep in my step!!
  10. Good Set of Makeup Brushes–  You can get super amazing makeup brushes for really cheap off Amazon.  When you choose to invest in yourself by getting great makeup it’s important that you have the brushes to go with it.  I feel like makeup brushes can either make or break you because they change the way the makeup is applied to your face and can interfere with the look you are going for.  When you take the time needed to use the proper brushes I believe it helps set the makeup better.  This then leads to a longer lasting look.  And what momma doesn’t want that??

Are you excited now that you are armed with some knowledge about the best makeup must haves you actually need??  I sure hope so because Momma make up makes you feel pretty and confident.  And when you are feel pretty and confident it allows you to set goals and dreams for yourself that you never would dream of accomplishing before hand.  So if you are ready to jump aboard the make up train remember that your face is a canvas ready to be worked on!!  Enjoy playing with you new makeup and remember you are worth al the money in the world!!

Because oh puh-lease!!  You’ve got this momma!!

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