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10 Remembrance Day Songs and Stories for Kids

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10 Remembrance Day Songs and Stories for Kids

There is really only a couple of days left until Remembrance Day is already here.  Where are the days going??  They seem to pass by so quickly!!  I recently saw a quote that said, “When November first hits, the magic begins”.  For our family it is so true!!  The quiet and stillness of winter hits and we excitedly anticipate Remembrance Day and Christmas.  With Remembrance Day right around the corner I have been thinking more and more about the resources we use to truly remember the importance of the day and those who bravely fought for us.  I know I wrote a post about how to celebrate Remembrance Day With Kids, but I just felt I wanted to go a step further and really share the absolute treasures we have found in terms of books and songs for Remembrance Day.  Songs help improve your child’s communication skills while stories fill them with knowledge, imagination and curiosity.  So it’s important to spend time developing these skills in your babes. So the top 10 Songs and Stories for Remembrance Day that we use are:

Top 10 Remembrance Day Songs:

  1. Susan Salidor “I’ve Got Peace In my Fingers”
  2. Denise Gange and Craig Cassils “A Wish for Peace”
  3. The Rennas “Peace in My Heart”
  4. Denise Gagne “Make a Difference”
  5. Jack Hartmann “A Song of PEACE For Kids”
  6. Songs4Teachers “Do You Know Where I Find Peace?”
  7. Craig Cassils “Songs of Peace”.  This artist has 8 songs that you can see the sheet music for and see if it is what you are looking for.  They are really well thought out and great to use at home or in the classroom!
  8. First Grade Wow shared the following printable “See The Veteran”
  9. Shelley Murley “Light a Candle for Peace”
  10. Dr. Jean “Veteran’s Day Song for Kids”– This is the flip chart for the song with the lyrics.  Here is another list of preschool veteran’s day songs and you can find a recording of Veteran’s Day for Kids by Dr. Jean on there as well.  It’s a really nice song that we will use for years and years to come!!Songs and stories for Remembrance Day

Top 10 Remembrance Day Stories:

  1.  H is for Honor -A Military Family Alphabet by Devin Scillian.  Despite this book being geared towards Americans I would still share it with my students in a Canadian classroom or home.  It allows children wherever they may live to learn a little bit more about the military in a child friendly way and the dedication and army serves far and wide for the world.
  2. The Poppy Lady by Barbara Walsh– If you are looking for some girl power around Remembrance Day then this book is the one you will want.  This is a true story about how the poppy became the official flower for Remembrance Day and how one person can make a huge difference in the world around them.  I hate to pick favourites but this is definitely one of ours!!
  3. The Wall by Eve Bunting– I really love this read aloud because it allows us to talk about why there are certain names put on plaques all over the world.  I know they are talking about a certain wall but where we live is a memorial park for the soldiers who fought from here where we live in the World Wars.  It is a great way to help children identify what those memorials for and how we can honour the soldiers who fought for us.
  4. Rags: Hero Dog of WWII by Margot Theis Raven– I didn’t realize or know until recently that animals were hit just as hard during the wars as people were.  I heard stories of animals being poisioned to death because the zoos didn’t have the money to feed the animals and there being an elephant that starved to death.  It was super sad to read and so finding a book that shows the positive spin that animals had during such a heart wrenching hard time is a book we can all resonate with!!  This is a book I would recommend for 8 and up just because it is a bit of a longer story.
  5. Hero Dad by Melinda Hardin or Hero Mom by Melinda Hardin–  These 2 books are a great easy read for younger kids they talk exactly about some of the things that the army does in easy terms.  It is a book again I would read whether in a Canadian or American classroom because of the simplicity of the ideas and really helps children to understand the importance of the army and their job to protect us.
  6. Don’t Forget, God Bless our Troops by Jill Biden.  This author is a grandmother who decided to write a story from her granddaughter’s perspective what it means to have a dad deployed in the army.  It really helps to teach awareness around what military families actually go through and the emotions they experience. I would have to say that this is probably one of my very favourite books as well!!
  7. Veterans: Heroes in our Neighbourhood by Valerie Pfundstein.  This is a great book that talks about there are many War veterans that are all around our neighbourhood.  I really love the simplicity this book brings of celebrating those who have fought for us.  Another one we will definitely add to our collection.
  8. A Bear in War by Stephanie Innes and Harry Endrulat.  This is a story about a young girl who sends off her special bear to be with her father who has gone off to war. This bear is now an exhibit in a War Museum in Ottawa.  What a great way to show that children were children back then too.
  9. A Poppy is to Remember is a must have in your Remembrance Day collection for sure.  It is written by Heather Patterson and talks about the symbolism of the Poppy.  It is a great introduction for littles about Remembrance Day.
  10. Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Eleanor Coerr is definitely a read aloud to do with older children.  It truly talks about the devastating after math of the war and bombs that were dropped in Japan.  It talks about hope and teaches about the importance of why we need to remember and not forget.

It was a lot of fun to share the amazing books and songs with you that we have used in our family.  As I researched this post I found a lot of neat little stories that taught me about Remembrance Day and just how special this celebration can be if we take the time to truly remember why this day is so important in our lives.  So as Saturday rolls around please take some time to listen to a song, read a nice story to teach your child how important this holiday is and take time to truly remember.

Because oh puh-lease!!  You’ve got this momma!!


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