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11 Tips for a Constipated baby

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11 Tips for a Constipated Baby

Life as a parent can throw you curveballs that are totally unexpected.  This was life for me withall three of my girls when they each finally decided that they were ready to dive into this game of eating solid foods.  For some reason however, each baby struggled with solids.  All had trapped gas, constipation, and lots of crying.  Needless to say it came to the point where I started to absolutely dread the transition from breastfeeding to solids because lets face it having a baby that is constipated that has tummy pain is really no fun at all. Now that I have 3 babes all who have successfully eating solid foods and no longer complaining or crying of tummy aches and pains I thought I would share with you 11 tips for a Constipated Baby


  1. Drink more water-
    We always hear that we need to drink 8 glasses of water a day and it really is no joke.  Water helps the body flush out toxins, helps beautify our skin, and does a ton of other grate stuff.  But did you also know that your colon needs water to keep those number twos soft??  Constipation can be related to dehydration so make sure your little one is getting enough water!!
  2. Drink apple, pear or prince juice-
    I am not huge on giving my girls juice but whenever my girls are transitioning to solids on a more regular basis I will give them juice.  In order for our bowels to work properly the body uses the sugars to soften the bowels.  If you are in a pinch and don’t have any juice you can also mix maple syrup in water.  A pharmacist once explained to me that for adults our bodies absorb sugars so quickly and efficiently that it gets turned to fat right away and that’s why it is not good for us.  Whereas, with littles their bodies aren’t quite as quick and capable to absorb sugars and so that is why they need the extra sugar to be able to soften their bowels and stools.
  3. Eat prune yogurt
    Get a double whammy with giving your babe both yogurt which contains probiotics which are active cultures that aid in digestion and prunes which are high in fibre and sorbitol.  Sorbitol is nature’s natural laxative.  My girls absolutely love prune yogurt and will always ask for seconds.  This is a great way to mask that prune taste if your little one doesn’t like the taste of prunes on their own.
  4. Up your probiotic intake
    When Big Girl started to switch over to solids she suffered with chronic constipation.  It got so bad that the doctor ended up prescribing a special high fructose syrup to get things moving along.  It became a go to when the constipation laster for longer than a couple of days.  But I didn’t want to keep on giving my baby a laxative because the doctor had advised against that.  So I took to the internet and lo and behold found the miracle maker that totally changed our eating game for Big Girl.  The probiotic which at the time was considered liquid gold and quite expensive was Bio Gaia.  At the time we would go to buy it you would be sent home with an icepack an told to keep it in the fridge.  The healthy bacteria was taken from a woman’s breast milk in the Andes and isolated.  It really is an interesting read if you want the scientific backing about Bio Gaia.  This product lives up to its name.  All the posts and comments you read of momma’s using this product are true.  Within a couple of hours and eventually over a couple of days my constipated cry for hours on end Big Girl was able to finally pass gas on her own.  I swear by Bio Gaia and fortunately for you the price of it is a lot more friendly.  So if your baby is struggling with colic, gas, or constipation this is totally our go to for gut health.
  5. Get your baby moving-
    Another tip we were given by the doctor was to get baby moving more after meals and snacks.  For some reason when the body is involved in exercise the gut is happier and able to produce better bowel movements.  So if your babe is struggling put on some music and have a dance party, visit your local park, or play a game of chase!
  6. Have a warm bath-
    Before I found the miracle maker Bio Gaia I struggled to know how to help Big Girl with her constipation.  I remember texting one of the nurses I had gotten especially close to during my NICU stay begging for tips on how to help babies with constipation.  Her tip was to put baby in a warm bath.  If a baby is to relax it is easier for the bowels to relax as well which will lead to some stinky business happening.
  7. Massage their sweet little tummy-
    Trapped gas is no fun and can play a toll on constipation as well.  Sometimes gently massaging your babies tummy when they are in foul moods from tummy upsets can not only help with calming upset baby but also getting that trapped wind moving so that baby relaxes enough to let their bowels relax as well.
  8. Give a laxative-
    Sometimes things are backed up way past where we think they should be.  Dr. Sharon provides an amazing explanation surrounding constipation and why he believes it is better to give a stool softener rather than an enema.  He explains it like a traffic accident in a tunnel.  In order to get traffic moving freely and quickly through the tunnel we have to clean up the remains of the traffic accident.  We wouldn’t expect the city to leave parts of cars laying around and so it is with the the bowel that we have to rid the bowel of stool that might be stuck behind.  If you are looking for a laxative talk to your local pharmacist or visit your doctor for appropriate medical treatment and advice as you need to make sure that your child’s health is in educated hands and I am not a medical doctor or staff.  So please refer to your medical professionals that work with your family before giving your child any type of laxative or medication!!
  9. Eat more high fibre foods-
    High fibre foods help to get the stools moving.  This is what is needed to keep the stool from building up in the intestines.  This is more a prevention technique but it never hurts to try to up your little’s fibre intake even when they are constipated!!   If you aren’t sure what is actually high in fibre and helps combat constipation you can check out feeding my kid’s post all about High Fibre Foods and Recipes to Beat Constipation.
  10. Help Your Baby Relax-
    Babykins had gotten into a bad routine about getting very stressed every time she was trying to do stinky business.  She would run and hide and stand still like a soldier.  She was so worried about passing a bowel movement that she was causing more issues with her constipation because she wasn’t relaxed or in a better position to do her thing!!  If you can either help your baby relax or rub their back while they are in the middle of their stringing and grunting it may help enough for your little one to do her n
  11. Make Constipation Candy
    Recently, I came across an article on how to make your own constipation candy.  I was intrigued and have it stashed away to make in one of the following days.  While I can’t yet make a statement of whether we loved it or not it just seemed like such a great option that I just had to include it!!

Constipation is one of those hard things about parenting because your poor babe is miserable and cries a lot.  And you feel so helpless for your tiny little one.  However I know that as we have encouraged babe to drink more water, have some juice, run around, and then relax in the tub has helped a lot for those days where it is really bad. I just know that something in these 11 tips for a constipated baby will help you to turn your baby’s frown upside down!!

Because oh puh-lease!!  You’ve got this momma!!

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