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14 Children’s Books We love for Valentine’s Day

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14 Children’s Books We love for Valentine’s Day

I absolutely love love love books for holidays because I feel like it is a great way to get into the spirit of any holiday!!  Oh, that and themed clothes, and DIY themed Home Decor and holiday crafts!!  I haven’t always been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day but I have come to learn that it is a great way to show love to the special family members and friends that you just couldn’t live without!!  So here are 14 Children’s Books We Love for Valentine’s Day that you definitely will want to read with your babes!!

  1. Somebody loves you Mr. Hatch–  I came across this book on my scramble to find themed books and I absolutely love the message of this book.  Mr.  Hatch ends up receiving a mysterious package but doesn’t know who it is from.  Upon receiving the parcel Mr.  Hatch becomes a lot more friendly and outgoing only to discover that the package wasn’t truly meant for him.  This is a great story to teach children about having empathy and showing love to others, especially those who might not always have
  2. Fancy Nancy’s Heart to Heart– I really love Fancy Nancy.  She is one of my favourite childhood book characters.  I love that Fancy Nancy’s books encourage the reader to learn and practice using sparkly words so whenever I can sneak these types of Language Arts activities into our book reading I do!!  I also love the ending of this story and who gives Fancy Nancy her secret valentine!!
  3. Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink– I love this story because it teaches about the truth about kindness and love.  One of the most important lessons that children can learn is that valentines can either hurt us or make us feel good inside.
  4. The Very Fairy Princess Follows Her Heart- This book is really great because it teaches children to think outside of the box to solve their problems.  I also loved that this story helps focus on the positive traits and qualities that we can find in one another no matter how they treat us and what they are like.
  5. Love you Forever-  How could I not include the story by Robert Munsch?!  This one is a total classic of a mother’s love for her son and his love for her.  I couldn’t understand why my mom would always cry while reading this book but now as a mother I understand.  A mother’s love for her children is special.  And this is truly one of those books that you really must have!!
  6. Love is by Diane Adams- This was another book that I was drawn too because of the illustrations.  They are absolutely darling and sweet but the story itself is sweeter.  It truly talks about what love means when a little girl takes care of a baby duckling that has escaped from the local park.  In a world where love has come to be misconstrued and based on a me me me attitude this book simply teaches to look outside ourselves and be selfless.  “Love is holding something fragile, tiny wings and downy head.  Love is noisy midnight feedings, show box right beside the bed.”
  7. This is NOT a valentine by Carter Higgins– To be honest I used to really hate Valentine’s Day.  Maybe a lot of it had to do with the misconceived idea that you needed a significant other to make the day special but this book challenges that idea by writing maybe one of the best love letters of all time towards his dearest friend.  Valentine’s Day truly isn’t about love in the sense of romantic love but showing care and celebrating the friendships and family members who we do love.  Such a great book!!
  8. Groundhug Day by Anne Marie Pace– I was first drawn towards this book because the illustrations are absolutely adorable!!  But the story quickly draws you in as you realize that the friends have planned to work together so that Groundhog who if he sees his shadow won’t be able to attend the Valentine’s Day Party.  This book is a great read from Ground Hog’s Day until Easter because it includes the 4 holidays in between and also teaches children about acceptance of others weird quirks and all!!
  9. Click, Clack, Moo, I Love You- When I was a nanny, the kids I looked after really enjoyed the click clack moo series.  This is another hit for children that really bodes well.  It is full of glitter and sparkle and fun relatable characters that all the kids will love.  This is just a great story to have fun with and celebrate a day where things may not always go the way that is expected!!
  10. Here Comes Valentine Cat- I just stumbled upon Cat!!  The Cat books are much like Don’t let the Pigeon.  I love this this book is easy to relate to for kids of all ages.  Even my 19 month old loved Cat and asked for it to read again and again.  Cat learns a valuable lesson about judging others and learning to accept others who we might not initially be drawn towards or even like.
  11. Amelia Bedelia’s First Valentine– I truly loved the Amelia Bedelia Series as a child and while these are a spin off this new series is just as cute!!  I love that Amelia Bedelia takes everything literally but I love the kindness of her heart!!  It’s a great story to empower girls to be kind to everyone!!
  12. Pinkalicious Pink of Hearts- If you have a daughter she is sure to love Pinkalicious and her obsession of pink!  What really struck home with this story is the fact that we can’t always judge a book by its cover or a valentine by the way it looks.
  13. Valentine’s Day is by Gail Gibbons-  As I became a teacher I realized that I didn’t actually know a lot about the history behind the days that we celebrated and to be honest that didn’t sit well with me.  I wanted to educate my classes and children about the history behind the holiday and this story nails it on the head!! This book is recommended for grade ones and up as the information truly is historical but this is an awesome book to keep to teach your kids about what the holiday really is all about.
  14. The Story of Valentine’s Day by Nancy J Skarmeas– This is another historical book that appeals to the younger readers.  Just another book you truly want to keep around when teaching about the holiday!!

Don’t be like me and miss out on another Valentine’s Day!!  Take the time to truly let your babes know just how much you love them by reading some books and celebrating the day because lets face it you’ll never have this day with your littles again!!  Cherish it and remember oh puh-lease!!  You’ve got this Momma!!

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