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14 Fun and Simple Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

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14 Fun and Simple Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Do you remember as a child being excited for Valentine’s Day??  I remember the buzz of excitement as everyone spent the afternoon in class decorating their mailbox that would hold all their valentines.  I remember one year one of the boys in class gave me a Valentine that had two peanuts holding hands that said I’m nuts about you!!  I also remember another classmate reading it over my shoulder and mercilessly teasing both me and Valentine’s Boy about it for a good week.  Lesson learned use only generic valentine’s for your kid’s class.  No, but all reminiscing aside today we wanted to share with you 14 Fun and Simple Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids.

There is something magical about art created by a child.  There is al element, of curiosity, fun, and magic all combined that allows for a bright and fun project to adorn your home!!  We truly are excited to share 14 Fun and Simple Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids that have been approved by none other than the little feet that pitter patter across the floors of our home!!

14 Fun and Simple Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

  1. Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Animals– There is something so sweet when you use the shape of a heart to create an animal.  It softens the way in which we view the world around us and I love that all the materials really needed for this craft are scissors, paper, glue, markers or crayons and maybe some glitter, if you are a glitter mom and you are all set to go.  Truly the heart shaped animals are so sweet and are fun to see hung up around the house!!
  2. I Love You to Pieces– If your children are in a paper ripping phrase or those small hands need some fine motor strength than this activity is for you.  Or wait if you have a beginner scissors user on your hands than this activity would be of benefit to you as well.  Using any beautiful colored paper that you may have lying around let your children either practice ripping or cutting the colors into squares.  From there take a heart outline and begin gluing those paper shreds or cuts on the paper.  Eventually all those torn up pieces of paper or cut up pieces will make a beautiful mosaic.  Honestly, I kept ours up for almost 10 months because the project really looks so nice that I didn’t have the heart to take it down until right before Christmas.
  3. Mice Heart Cards– I first saw these at my bosom buddy’s house without the lollipop!  Her daughter had made it in kinder but had used them as cards rather than taping a lollipop and gluing it shut at the top!!  It really was so sweet and I am thinking in my lack of searching that I will have to make my own tutorial for it!!  This year they will be my go to cards for Valentine’s Day!!  It is a simple craft that is easy for the littlest hands to do and the bigger ones as well!!
  4. M&M Butterfly Treats– Ever since when I was in Kindergarten we did a unit on caterpillar and butterflies.  We were able to watch our very own catterpillars transform into their chrysalides and then emerge as butterflies.  So I can definitely associate butterflies with a love and certain element of beauty and wonder.  With that in mind I couldn’t pass up this simple craft of filling sandwich bags with a sweet m&m treat and using a clothes pin with a pipe cleaner to make the little body.  These would be fun to make as go to teacher gifts to spread a little love for those who touch your little’s heart through their kindness and example!!
  5. Cupid’s Bows– Apparently, I really love Crafty Morning’s Valentines Craft because here is another one from her blog!!  I just love their simplicity and that they are truly ones that kids can actually create on their own with a small amount of help.  I love for this one that most of the supplies you really should just have around the house.  If you are in search of a can we found Pringle’s cans work really well and you can even use those salty chips as a special treat for that afternoon.  I am not a huge fan of Cupid but I love the arrows because it would be fun for those who are Brave Fans or those who really just love the idea of shooting arrows!!
  6. Paper Heart Hedgehogs– when you have 3 littles or a small army that constantly outnumbers you it is important to find crafts that don’t require a lot of finicky details.  This craft I loved because not only is it adorable but also because it truly is simple and so versatile in the way that it can be done.  You can either color or paint the hearts before cutting them out and gluing them to the hedgehog’s little body.  If you are needing an easily adaptable craft for a range of ages this is definitely the craft you’ll want to go to!!
  7. Paper Plate Yarn Hearts– My girls seem to love lacing!!  They love putting the strings in the holes and it is fun to this fun craft as an opportunity to do lacing!!  This is another one of those crafts where you can set up the craft assist in helping but ultimately the child can lead the craft which is what we are aiming for!!  These really are so pretty and a craft that we will be doing for a long time to come!!
  8. Celery Heart Prints– Some people don’t like using food as part of their crafts but sometimes I love that it allows children to experience a different medium and sensation than they would experience with paint and a brush.  We did this for Valentine’s Day lsat year and the girls absolutely loved it!!  They loved that no matter which way they placed the celery a heart would always be the result and that was so fun!!  This is another fun but simple Valentine’s craft for when you  may be short on time or on supplies!!
  9. Warm Fuzzies– In grade Three my teacher talked to us about warm fuzzies after we had hit a stint of bullying by someone in the classroom.  I remember her making a warm fuzzy that we got to hold in our hands and passing it along.  She explained we wanted to give other warm fuzzies that made them feel happy inside rather than  cold prickles.  I absolutely was touched by this lesson and have loved warm fuzzies ever since!!    This is probably the one craft the requires the most adult supervision and help but the end result is worth it because they are so cute!!
  10. Cardboard Roll Heart Art– DO you keep your toilet paper rolls wondering what to do with them all??  Or you can use paper bags to make these adorable heart outlines!!  These would be so cute framed and a great DIY Valentine’s Decor!!  It really is just so pretty!!
  11. L-O-V-E Canvas– L-O-V-E that is what you mean to me!! I love you oh yes I love you!!  Thank you to a dear high school friend that sang this every morning to me as I waited for my school bus this canvas craft really hits home how love truly is the focus of Valentine’s.
    Again this is a quick and simple craft for those little hands that have a limited attention span or aren’t a huge fan of crafts!! Oh and just two more words: finger painting!!
  12. Valentine’s Bird Feeder– I think one of the great things about Valentine’s Days is finding opportunities to teach our children about ways to serve others.  This is a great way to serve Heavenly Father’s Creatures big and small.  Using pipe cleaner and fruit loops you can create your own heart bird feeders to share with the birds outside!!  I love this!!  Also if you are homeschooling or a mega parenting nerd like I may be then you can also work on patterns!!  Fun and learning all packed into one!!  Love it!!
  13. Yarn Hearts–  I don’t know why but I absoutely love these!!  They just look so warm and cozy!!  If you made enough of them your could use them to make a garland but I think they are beautiful and a great way for another DIY home decor project that your kids can be a part of!!
  14. Cupcake Liner Valentines– These are so prettty and simple!!  All you need are a whole bunch of different sized cupcake liners, heart stickers, glue and blank cards or paper to stick them onto!!  I love that it creates another visual experience that would allow you to create a different art medium than what is usually created in just using paper!!

So there you have it 14 Fun and Simple Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids.  Number 11 and 13 are our absolute favorites; how about yours??  Which crafts are you going to do this Valentine’s Day??  Comment below we would love to hear from you!!

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