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15 Valentine’s Day Traditions to do with Kids

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15 Valentine’s Day Traditions to do with Kids

Recently, we talked about 14 books you can read this Valentine’s Day or 14 Crafts you can do!!  But ultimately, what makes each holiday so special are the family traditions and memories you create and do each year!!  Before I had kids I used to hate Valentine’s Day but now with a little wisdom and life experience behind me I see how special this holiday truly can be!!  If you are a bit of a Happy Heart’s Day Grinch or a bit on the jaded side like I was I hope these Valentine’s Day Traditions to do with your kids will melt your heart and make you a Happy Heart’s Day believer!!  So on to our list; here are 15 Valentine’s Day Traditions to do with Kids:

  1. Valentine’s Heart Attack–  One of the five love languages is verbal affirmation.  Everyone loves to be told just how special they are to another person or to be encouraged by others noticing their talents!!  All 3 of my girls are very high in their level of affirmations and so when my Bosom Buddy told me about this idea of putting a heart on your child’s door each day highlighting something they do well or that you love about them I knew I just had to jump on board!!  So there are 2 days left to jump on board to start this tradition or you can even start it late because lets be honest no one is going to throw away words of love and affirmation!! If you jump on over to Skip to my Lou you can find some different heart templates to save you some time!!
  2. 100 Acts of Kindness– So I just literally found out about this and although the idea was to start on Jan 5th and go to Valentine’s Day; I think this is a good idea for all year round and not just for the beginning of the year.  This idea reminded me a lot of the #LightTheWorld campaign that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints hosts every December.  This is a fantastic way to keep on with the focus of serving others and showing love the way that God would show His children here on earth.  So starting Feb 1st we will be doing a 100 acts of Kindness for ways to show love for those around us we are so excited to get started!!
  3. Wear Valentine’s Clothes– I don’t know if it is something that comes with the #GirlMom territory but my girls love clothes.  Sometimes, they decide that they want to change 4 or 5 times a day and while it makes for a lot of laundry it is fun to see what they will come up with in their outfit choices.  Recently, the girls discovered an absolute delight in wearing clothes that match the holiday.  The girls would eagerly scour through the freshly washed laundry baskets to find their favourite shirt, pants, and pjs to match the holidays.  Valentine’s Day is another holiday to break out the cheerful happy heart clothes and wear them with pride because truly love is something to celebrate!!  If you are on a tight budget check out your local Thrift Stores or head on over to Walmart they usually have super cute stuff for pr
  4. Rock the Heart Hairstyles– Thank you to the world of blogging, instagram, Facebook, and good ol’ Pinterest there are amazing tutorials on how to make hearts in your little’s hair!!  I have followed Cute Girls’ Hairstyles since before I even had my own babies because she rocks the hairstyle thing!!  So if you are totally at a loss of where to look or how to make hearts in your little’s hair check out CuteGirlsHairstyles for 7 different Hairstyles to try this Valentine’s Day!!
  5. Heart Themed Meals– When birthday’s hit around here I try to make each meal be centered around the theme the birthday girl has picked for her party!!  Usually breakfast is focused around a pinterest find, lunch is a cookie cuter shaped sandwich and supper is again another pinterest find.   This idea can work for holiday especially Happy Heart’s Day because hearts are so easy to create in terms of fun food meals to make!!  So once your little is dressed up with their hair rocking add a pit more pizzazz to their day by making each meal heart shaped or themed!!
  6. Make a Love Song Playlist- Music is a pretty big deal around here and because Valentine’s Day is all about love why not make up a Love Song playlist to listen to for the year??  It could be special songs that have meaning to you like a special song dedicated to your babe, or your wedding song, or just songs that make you feel happy!!  What are some songs on your playlist??
  7. Neighbor Heart Attack-  Sometimes, January and February can seem pretty bleak and dreary.  A great way to list your spirits and another’s is to heart attack a neighbour or friend.  This idea is much like a Valentine’s Heart Attack for your child!!  Take the time to celebrate another by playing nicky nicky nine doors.  Decorate their yard with paper hearts that are taped to forks or wooden dowels that you poke down into the ground or snow. Be really sneaky about putting the hearts in  your neighbor’s yard and then when you are done leave a sweet treat, ring the doorbell and run away!!  It is always fun to be surprised but it is even more fun to lift another’s day!!
  8. We Love to be a Family–  If you haven’t ever heard of the website Power of Moms you have to check it out.  One of the bloggers for Power of Moms is none other than the daughter of Linda and Richard Eyre the parenting gurus I would love to stalk and creators of our Joy School program.  Anyways, enough with the fan girling over here but they always have strong family traditions to check out and this is one you won’t want to miss!!  For We Love to be a Family, they suggest brainstorming activities to do on a certain day and leaving clues for the children to find and guess where they are going!!  This was created with the intention to spend quality family time together and also this is a tradition I am sure the kids will look forward to every year!!
  9. Surprise Valentine’s Breakfast in Bed– WOuldn’t it be so fun for your kids to wake up to being served breakfast in bed??  I think it would be fun to start the day with the littles knowing just how loved and appreciated they are!!  So instead of serving momma in bed play a trick back on your littles and serve them in their beds!!
  10. Have a Valentine’s Day Decorating Party– So our family just recently discovered the joys of decorating for each holiday and fun day and the girls are overjoyed when they can help pull out the box of holiday decor.  So have a fun afternoon of decorating the house together!!  I know it sounds so ridiculously simple but there is something so satisfying and exciting about new decor to brighten up your house and living room to build up the excitement for the next holiday.
  11. Love Countdown– If you are looking for a Valentine’s Day countdown then look no further.  Arabah Joy has a simply amazing Valentine’s countdown that focuses on God’s love for us and others.  While it is grate to remember the candy and the cards truly Valentine’s Day is about love and truly there is nothing better than being able to know about God and His divine Love!!
  12. Mail Your Child a Love Letter– The family I used to nanny for would write beautiful letters that their children would open up on Christmas.  These were personal letters that talked about how proud the parents were of their kids and life lesson or tips they felt needed to be shared.  With our Christmas already being jam packed with stuff I thought I would love to do this with my littles for Valentine’s Day.  It would be a great pick me up for the struggling child to remember just how truly loved they really are!!  And I think a fun way to receive the letter would be to actually get it in the mail, because really who doesn’t actually love REAL mail?!
  13. Decorate Sugar Cookies- So I might have a slight addiction to collecting cookie cutters because we don’t just use them for baking cookies but for sensory play, and as sandwich cutters.  So Happy Hearts Day (I love calling Valentine’s Day that because Big Girl does) is another excuse for me to break out all the cookie cutters we have to make some yummy cookies and decorate them with beautiful pink and red frosting!!  This is the sweet treat you can use for that neighbour heart attack and that school party you forgot to buy a treat for!!  You’re welcome!!
  14. Valentine’s heart or flower trail–  You know those romantic movies that you watch and they always have a gorgeous flower petal trail that leads to wherever the lovers are supposed to meet??  I think it would be really fun to have a trail that leads to somewhere specially decorated that the littles can have fun in or decorate their bedroom floor while they are sleeping!!  It might be messy but just think of the way your child’s eye will light up to find flower petals sprinkled on their floor when they wake up in the morning!!
  15. Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt– With Valentine’s Day being in the middle of winter for us the girls can get a little stir crazy!!  Sometimes when we are especially antsy we play hide and go seek with an object much like a scavenger hunt!!  It is fun to take turns with your kids to hide an object and then seek it when you have a picture clue.  You could pick an object that can be used specifically for this purpose to make this a family tradition your kids will look forward to every Valentine’s Day!!

So there you have it!!  There are our 15 Valentine’s Day traditions to do with Kids!!  Remember that the holidays don’t have to be over the top, or expensive, or really time consuming.  Really what matters is our presence with our children to help them remember their value and worth.  Spending the time needed with our littles helps them know their value and worth and at the end of the day that’s what truly matters!!


Because oh puh-lease!!  You’ve got this momma!!

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