31 TV Free Ideas for the Winter Blues

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31 TV Free Ideas for the Winter Blues

So you’re here to read about all the fun that can be had this winter??  Today I’ll share with you 31 TV Free Ideas for the Winter Blues.   But lets start here; a cold snap recently hit our dear Alberta home and it has been too cold to play.  Honestly, with how cold it has been outside I feel like I am living in a Dr. Seuss story.

The sun did not shine.
It was too cold to play.
So my kids sat in the house
all that cold cold snowy day.

They sat there with Babkins
they sat there, and me too!
And they said, how we wish
we had something to do!!

Too cold to go out
and too cold to play ball
So we sat in the house
We did nothing at all

So all we could do
was to
and we did not like it
not one little bit!!

Can you relate??  Have your kids been going a little stir crazy with the cold snowy days that seem to have no break in sight??  Are you out of ideas as a momma about what to exactly do with these cold snowy days??  Here are 31 screen free ideas about how to keep your child happy and entertained when you have hit the winter blues!!

  1.  Have a snowball fight using rolled up socks–  If you can’t go out and play in the snow bring the fun inside. One way to motivate your littles to help in household chores is to make a game of it.  I love everything about doing laundry except pairing socks because we always seem to be missing a sock!!  But this would be a great motivator to get everyone involved in pairing and matching socks.  ice all the socks are folded you could spend the rest of the time having a snowball fight!
  2. Make crystal snowflakes- There is something so magical about making crystal snowflakes using borax.  All you need to do is grab some pipe cleaners make them into fun shapes.  Hang some string off of them and leave them hanging in a jar of borax and water solution.  It’s really neat to see the crystals form and they look really beautiful hanging up in the windows when the light catches them!!  I have even read about some families making them to hang from their Christmas tree!!  I think this would be an absolute perfect idea to make homemade Christmas ornaments one year!!
  3. Create  a snow sensory bin-Snow is so much fun to play with.  Sometimes when it is really cold outside we will bring the fun inside and I will fill up our sensory table with snow.  The girls love to be able to pick animals or fairies to add to their snowy scene or bring in baking utensils and set up an ice cream shop.  Snow is such an open ended activity that just allowing play to happen with it indoors becomes a great way to let your little person take the lead on the type of play that happens.  My girls also loved to watch the snow melt and turn into water.  Whenever we do this activity the girls love to discuss why snow melts and the importance of it for the world around us.
  4. Play-doh Snowman Activity Tray- Lately on Pinterest I have seen a lot of vegetable or snack trays being used as compartments to host play-doh activities.  I love how you can rummage through your junk drawer or craft cupboard to find odds and ends to add into play-doh play.  The girls love to build up their snowmen and then sing the song “Once there was a snowman snowman snowman.  Once there was a snowman tall tall tall.  In the sun he melted melted melted.  In the sun he melted small small small.”  while they smoosh their play doh snowmen into a puddle.  They sing this song over and over again and rebuild their snowman in a variety of ways.  It’s a lot of fun for a small amount of prep.
  5. Build a fort and pretend it is an igloo-  Do you remember as a kid the magic of sitting inside of a fort and building one??  Sometimes when I am feeling really adventurous or full of energy my girls and I will build a fort and have a sleepover inside of it.  But it is a lot of fun to pretend to be some type of snowy animal and spend time in a cave or igloo or whatever your little fort becomes.  I am really big on creating play experiences that allow children to use their imagination and creativity to expand their play and this is a great way to do that!
  6. Make paper snowflakes-  There are a lot of different ways to create snowflakes that make beautiful patterns and shapes.  What we love to do is once they are cut out we love to hang the from the ceiling and keep them as part of our winter decor in our school room/ play room. There are tons of videos on youtube but this video by SciShow Kids is our go to because of the awesome ones you can make!!
  7. Play with shaving cream- Shaving cream can be so mystifying for children and maybe even adults alike.  It is really fun to spray some on cookie sheets and allow your littles to go to town to draw pictures or get their hands messy with the cream.  It’s another way to provide hours of fun without breaking your budget
  8. Go ice skating across the kitchen floor-  I remember being at a youth camp and having a communal kitchen.  Each night for the week we were at camp the three other girls I was staying with would each take turns running and sliding across the kitchen floor.  All you nee for this activity are either paper plates to skate on or use those balled up socks that you were using for your snowball fight earlier to spend some time ice skating in your kitchen.
  9. Whip up some snow ice cream-  About 2 years ago I came across a momma blog I followed that recommended making your own snow ice-cream and at the time I thought gross!!  Eating spoonfuls of snow… but then my friends!!  I decided to try it because her photos looked so much like ice-cream and was I in for a treat.  Snow ice cream truly is yummier than real ice cream.  It really is the  only reason I am happy when it snows because lets be honest I really love ice-cream!
  10. Draw pictures on your foggy windows- It is time to let loose and let kids be kids.  I know I struggle with sometimes just living in the moment so this is one of those activities that would allow me to do that.  With the weather being so cold outside, it is really easy to fog up your windows.  It would be a fun time to teach your littles how they can use their hot breath to breathe on the windows to create fog.  Once they have fogged up the windows they can have fun drawing pictures in it!!
  11. Go ice fishing– So when you first read this I bet you are imagining how on earth you are going to pull off an ice fishing activity in your house but it is actually not what you think!!  Here is a simple science activity that uses ice cubes, water, salt, and string to catch ice cubes and have them attach to your string.  This would be a fun activity to talk about the reason why the salt is needed to make the ice stick to the string.  It really is such a darling activity and again very simple to do!!
  12. Have ice cube races- I looked and looked for this activity online because we did it one year in preschool so I guess I will have to create one but it is a lot of fun to take ice cubes and put them on cookie sheets.  Taking straws you then blow through the straw to push your ice cube across the cookie sheet.  It is fun to practice blowing your ice cube across the cookie sheet and then to have races to see which ice cube can make it to the end the fastest.
  13. Spray paint the snow-  I really am loving all the ideas I have shared so far because they are so cheap and inexpensive. With the coldest months hitting right after Christmas where we live it is always great to be able to find activities that don’t cost money to o.  This is anther one of those cheap inexpensive activities.  All you need is to grab some snow lay it flat and let your kids go to town spray painting the ice.  To make the spray paint you fill a spray bottle with water and food colouring any color you like.  Your little then spends his or her time spraying the snow and making it all sorts of beautiful colors.
  14. Decorate Ice Catchers– Whenever it snows it always looks so pretty outside!!  To add to the magical feelings of when it snows take some berries leaves and twigs whatever you can find and place them in a tray.  Once you have the desired look you are going for fill your tray with water and then place in the freezer.  Let the water solidify into ice and then you will have your very own ice catcher to hang outside to add to the beauty.  Just make sure you don’t forget to add string before you freeze your tray so you can hang it up!!
  15. DIY Snow Puffy Paint-  Apparently I am a sucker for sparkles and glitter like the typical girl because I really love how shimmery this paint looks.  I love when it first snows outside and you can see the snowflakes glittery and glinting in the sunlight.  This Puffy Snow paint does just that because it creates such a shimmery pretty kind of snowy paint!!  If you are running out of freezer space from all the ice trays you have in there here is an activity that doesn’t require anymore freezer space!!
  16. Ice Cube Painting–  Do your kids love water colors as much as mine do?? If they do grabbing blocks of ice turned paint will keep your littles entertained for hours!! This would be another great conversation starter in talking about ice  and water because the ice will melt as the child paints!!  Such a cute and fun idea that isn’t expensive and requires very little prep!!
  17. Pull out the paints to create Sparkly Winter Art. – I am loving how magical and pretty these pictures look and I think you just have to try this activity for yourself.  I feel like this art piece truly captures the magic and awe that comes with a first snow fall.  This is a winter paint craft we just keep coming back to and I am sure you will understand why!!
  18. Try out some Magic Olaf Paint-  We are going through our third round of frozen obsessed babies.  Babykins has discovered the magic of frozen and loves to carry around her babies.  Because we have some frozen fans at our house I thought why not try out this magical Olaf paint because truly who doesn’t need magic in their lives??

  19. Put together a writing tray using salt, sprinkles, or flour-   I am all about sneaking learning into play and fun and this is the way to do it.  Using cookie sheets and salt, flour, or sprinkles this is a fun way to get a child to sit down and practice their letters, numbers, or words.
  20. Snowflake Yarn Art–  This is another art project that I really love because of its simplicity and the results on the finished projects.  These yarn snowflake paper plates are just darling and another art project that you are proud to hang in your home because of the darling quaint little touch they add.
  21. Don’t Wake the Bear-  I can’t exactly remember how this game came to be a part of our family whether it was from a Family Home Evening manual or if I made it up but my girls LOVE this game.  You’ll probably love it too because you get to relax while your little run off some much needed energy.  You lay in the middle of the room curled up in a ball.  I grab a pillow and totally get cozy.  The girls hide in one corner of the room and the object of the game is to get to there other side of the room without getting caught.  The girls have a blast problem solving and working together to figure out how to distract me so either both of them or one of them can cross to the other side of the room without getting caught.  It’s a fun game and a great way to get that little rest you might desperately need.
  22. Hide and Seek Objects-  My Girls absolutely love playing scavenger hunt and play this often when we go to visit Grandma!!  Use a stuffed animal or something that is easy to find for little people.  You could be awesome and get a snowman stuffy to keep with the winter theme but you don’t have to.  The girls will sit on the stairs while we hide the object.  Once the object is hidden we draw a picture for the girls to find it.  Sometimes, Curly Girl doesn’t want to wait on the stairs so she becomes our Special Delivery girl and delivers the paper clues for the other girls to find.
  23. Pony Bead Ornaments  These ornaments are truly so pretty and I may have a slight addiction.  Last year I found out you could melt pony beads.  Say what?!! Melting pony beads is awesome because it creates such a pretty result when they are finished.  I don’t have a lot to say except go check out this post because you will definitely want to create some for your house too!!
  24. Coffee Filter Snowflakes-  Coffee Filters are so fun because you can color them with markers and then use drops of water to allow the markers to bleed and mix creating beautiful works of art!!  Then you just use your scissor cutting skills to make pretty patterns in the coffee filters.  If you really want to make your snowflakes a certain way you can follow the youtube video I posted above that shows some different ways to cut paper snowflakes!!
  25. Melt Snowmen–  I am not quite sure why but the snowmen crafts that make the snowmen look like they are melting into puddles are awfully cute!!  Not only that but they also seem to be a great way to serve as a reminder that spring days are not that far off!!  These puddles of snowmen craft is just so cute I couldn’t pass it up!
  26. Make a melted snowman sensory bottle   Sometimes being able to carry winter into summer is fun and this is a fun way to remember all the winter fun there was.  These melted snowmen bottles are really cute and a fun decoration to keep around to put out during those cold winter months or the months where there is no snow but you are wishing there was some floating down.
  27. Cosmic Kids Yoga Winter Story Adventures-  Cold winter days usually mean that the kids have way too much extra energy.  Sometimes hen they are bouncing off walls I turn on cosmic kids yoga to burn off some extra steam and get everyone calmed and focused again.  But sometimes it is good to stick with the winter theme fun!!
  28. Experiment with bubbling snowmen-I’ll be honest growing up I wasn’t a fan of science until university.  That is when I learned that all those cool activities I liked to do with magnets, and experimenting in the kitchen could all be classified as science.  That is why I decided to start my girls early into jumping into the fun and joys of experimenting and this is no different. Baking soda and vinegar are classic at a cause and effect reaction.
  29. Build Snowmen Hot Chocolate BuddiesWinter isn’t winter without Hot Chocolate and this little snowman hot chocolate buddy was too darling not to pass by.  This will definitely be a family tradition we do each winter.
  30. Snow SlimeWhen Big Girl saw me looking up snow slime she was ready to delve into this experiment.  Needless to say slime is always a big hit with kids!!
  31. Snow VolcanoBuilding a snow volcano is one activity that can really liven up a wintery sensory bin or wonderland bin of play.  Can you imagine the fun that can be had in making snow volcanoes and playing with dinosaurs in the snow?!  And really who doesn’t love dinosaurs??

Having a list of go to activities for my girls has been a total game changer in our house.  Instead of trying to think on the fly what we can do it is awesome to grab out our list and pick something that sounds interesting and fun to do!! WE hope that these go to activities will be the game changer you need in your house too.  Hopefully, they will help everyone from going stir crazy and provide endless hours of fun without having to resort to watching TV which the littles eventually get bored of watching!!

Because oh puh-lease!!  You’ve got this momma!!

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