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5 Ways to Make New Mom Friends

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5 Ways To Make New Mom Friends

Today I dropped off my girls to run to an appointment at a friend’s house. And I had to stop and reflect on the feeling of gratitude I had towards my dear mom friends who are willing to step in and help out when I need someone to watch the girls or lend a listening ear.  However, if someone had asked me just a year or two ago where I had met my friends from the answer would have greatly differed from where I thought I would meet them.  I always thought I would have a tight social circle that stemmed from the local church group I was attending, and while I have some amazing friends from church I have met some of my closest most loyal friends in other places.  So if you are on the search to expand your social circle as a momma; here are 5 ways to make new mom friends!!

  1.  Go to the Park–  One of my closest friends that I swap childcare with on a consistent basis I met at the park while I was there playing with my girls.  She had her two kids there and the girls started to play together with them and so I approached her.  We started talking a lot and realized that our two oldest children were the same age and seemed to play really well with one another.  As the park play date came to a close, my dear friend and I switched numbers planned some fun play dates that brought our families closer together which has been really fun and special.
  2. Join a mom group–  Recently, I found out about different programs that are available to families with children 0 to 6 that are free in our community  I am positive that this isn’t just a idea or concept located where I live but I have had friends tell me that they have met some of their dearest friends in groups that have been offered where they live at the community centre or library.  One friend said that when she first had her oldest daughter that there was a mom group that there were 9 women that were in the class together.  To this day 9 years later the moms are still in contact with one another.  I think that is pretty special and an awesome outcome to a free program that was offered from the community.
  3. Talk to your neighbors–  During one of the most lonely times during my mom life I decided to start reaching out to my neighbours by finding ways to serve them through random acts of kindness.  Lots of times, my neighbours would receive baked goods because I love to bake and it was a good opportunity for my girls to be able to help out in a way that their little hands could serve.  From doing this I was able to meet an older couple who have befriended our little family in a way that I never would have thought.  They are quick to help if something is broken at home or if I just need someone to go for a walk with or come join us as the girls play at the park.
  4. Put your kids in extra-curriculars–  I get emotional writing about this one because as I have placed my girls in extra-curricular programs I have made some amazing friends with the parents of the children my girls are friends with.  This is another group that I am so grateful for because they never cease to amaze me and surprise me with their genuine and authentic kindness.  They have become extended family to me and have always ben a shoulder to cry on.  If you want to find true friends through and through find an activity where the company exudes kindness, acceptance and love because in doing so you will find amazing families who are drawn there with the same types of personality and family values.
  5. Do something for you–  Recently, I have been reading up on ways to find joy.  And one thing that was recommended are the moms who truly experience joy and have children who also emulate that are moms who know themselves apart from the title of mom.  These are the moms who develop their talents and seek out adult friendships that help define mom as a separate being than just a mom.  While I have yet to join something for myself I do know that there is a peace that comes as a mom when you start to focus on ways to make yourself a better person by developing your talents and becoming the person you want to be.

So momma, when it comes down to making friends here are 5 places that amazing friendships can develop.  The only trick is that you have to be confident enough to talk to the other moms and be vulnerable.  In being vulnerable I mean showing who you truly are and what you stand for.  As you do so, you will find the friends and friendships you are seeking that truly will last a lifetime.

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