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A Picture A Day

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A Picture A Day

Hey Momma!  Are you a crazy mom like me and have literally thousands and thousands of pictures of your kids??  If you are a picture-a-holic would you please stand up??  Are you in on the “A Picture A Day Challenge”?? I didn’t always used to be this way.  In fact, I used to loath the camera because I didn’t like to be in pictures because I suffered with low self esteem.  However, I have to share another story with you.  So grab a cup of tea and come listen to the words of wisdom I received from a NICU (Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit) nurse.  A while back I shared the story of Big Girl’s birth.  How she arrived early through an emergency c-section weighing in at only 3 pounds 15 ounces…  She was the teeniest little thing that I have ever seen and truly she isn’t that much bigger now.  She has finally caught up in height but weighs in at a whopping 29 pounds at the age of 5!  She is cute!  Tiny but mighty and a total spitfire!!  If you want to read more on her birth story you can check out my post called The Best Advice Getting Baby to Sleep.  But anyways, we spent 10 days in the NICU with Big Girl.  My mom as soon as she heard that this little one had arrived 4 weeks early came up to spend the week with me as I tried to heal from a crazy c-section and grow this tiny baby so we could get out of the hospital.  I truly cherish in my heart the time we spent in that little pod because we gained some very invaluable advice and wisdom from amazing nurses.

taking photos all the time!!


Why I take Photos

So here we go: One night I had nodded off to sleep with Big Girl sleeping on my chest doing skin to skin (totally need to write a post about this) when one nurse knocked on our door.  She had come to check Big Girl’s vitals.  It was the same routine that we had been doing for a couple of days.  As she worked with Big Girl she started to chat with me about mothering.  She asked if I was a first time mom and what I was planning on doing.  What I thought my little peanut’s future would hold.  We chatted for a couple of minutes and then this dear nurse, a mom herself, stopped and looked at me.  “Have you ever heard of the picture a day challenge?”  I admitted that I hadn’t.  So she continued, “I found this challenge to take a picture of your child every day for an entire year.  So I did it.  Some days I would forget and take pictures of their toes, or their sleeping faces but I am so glad I did.  I made a book and received it today.  You know, I think you should take that challenge.  I think you would enjoy it.”  And so I took her words to heart and truly have tried to take pictures almost daily of my girls.



nurse shares about photo challenge



It has made it easier as Babykins grows out of an outfit to quietly give it one last cherished snuggle and then slip it into the bag of giveaways.  Knowing that you might be at your last baby truly changes the game of how you parent or try to at least.  But I found having all those dear pictures made it easier to let those outfits go and I don’t know if I would have had the strength if I didn’t have all the pictures.  I look back at my photos now and that is my one item that I cherish.  The thousands of pictures I have stored on my computer.  Hopefully soon I can make all those pictures into cute books for the girls to have.  If you have some tips of what you have used to make picture books, comment below I would love to hear what you have done!!

Every day they get older

I have come to learn that babies don’t stop growing.  The days feel so long, sometimes, but the years so short.  I can’t believe I have a 5 year old.  It truly feels like just yesterday that I was bringing home my five pound five ounce baby after our ten day stay in the NICU.  But, that advice for me from that nurse has never left and so I constantly snap photos.  I need a bigger memory storage on my phone because I just have way too many photos.  My phone constantly reminds me that my storage is full.  Not because I have too many apps but rather too many photos.  Truthfully, when I run out of space on my phone I just keep deleting apps until I can’t delete anymore to save space for photos.  It’s crazy because even if it is an app that I need or use daily I will go without to get more photos.  Ha Ha!  Can you relate?


erasing data off phone to take more photos

So did you know…

I have a dear friend I often talk about on here because I admire her so much and really rely on a lot of her advice in creating and growing my little family of ladies.  She is also a picture taker and talked about a book that explains why photos are so good.  The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubins talks about how photos allow us to feel that same joy or same emotion that we did when the picture was being taken.  It’s actually a really great book I would recommend it if you are looking to grow your happiness.  But my bosom buddy has displayed on her walls photos of her girls and family.  And I admired it and took the plunge after seeing the photos to start getting professional ones done of my girls.

At first I had found a lady through the Walmart Portrait studio that I love and works really well with my girls.  She is always able to capture them in those moments that are not planned or posed.  We have gotten some really sweet photos that way.  But this year I decided that I wanted to go for something different and to be honest I felt a little defeated at the end of it when the girls weren’t really into it.

So please learn from my mistakes as I tell you that your children will be totally different outside then they would be in a portrait studio.   There is room to run and play and jump and it is hard to keep their attention being outside.  I found out later that my friend bribes her children with different treats to get them to sit still or pose nicely for the camera.  She has used bins of candy from the store, or marshmallows whatever will not leave a mess on their face but enough to keep them engaged.  I wish I would have known this trick before hand because then I would have used it for my crazy all over the place girls.  But in looking at the photos now I see that the photographer was able to catch some really nice pictures.  My favorites again are the ones that aren’t posed and just caught in the moment of doing or experiencing together.  So if you are off to get family photos done, take a treat and bribe your kids so they sit nicely!

Finally, remember that family photos help us to remember and experience those same emotions that we felt when the picture was being taken.  Family photos help us to remember and cherish those fond memories and lets face it.  It is easier to keep a box of photos rather than boxes of baby clothes.  So the next time you want to pass up that cherished moment.  Stop and grab that camera because I know you won’t regret those photos you did take!!

Because oh puh-lease!!  You’ve got this momma!!

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