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Cheap Ways to attend the Movie Theatre as a Family

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Cheap Ways to Attend the Movie Theatre as a Family

Whether you hate em or love em, someone in your family is probably a movie addict.  That’s why although that I am not a huge movie person I definitely have to share with you all the tips and tricks I have found to save money when it comes to watching movies.  To be honest I like two types of movies kids ones and chick flicks.  If I really like you I’ll amuse you and watch a movie of your preference but only cause you’re lucky!!  However, this is not the case for the tiny people in my life, for some reason probably because I may be a TV tyrant, those girls absolutely adore the movies.   During Spring Break I decided to brave the theatre now that Babykins is a bit older and hopefully has the attention span to sit for a longer amount of time the girls are I met up with Bosom Buddy and her girls for a fun movie day out!!  And truthfully as much as I am not a huge movie person I forgot how fun it is to go watch movies on the big screen.  However, as I thought about going again to the movies I hesitated because by the time you buy admission, and treats for everyone you have probably dropped about a $100.  Ouch!!  Sometimes, when your family is bigger that can be a huge strain on the pocketbook.  So I decided to share with you, cheap ways to attend the movie theatre!!

1.  Go on the cheap movie night–  Movie theatres usually have a night that they make cheaper than the rest of the time.  You can still see all the new flicks but at a fraction of the cost.  The Cineplexes around where we live have dedicated Tuesday to be the night of all nights to go to the movies.  So rather than paying 12 to 15 dollars for the movie you end up paying 7 or 8 bucks!!  I would say not bad when tickets are about half off AND you still get to watch that movie you have been dying to see that just came out!!

2. Attend Family Favourites– Back when Big Girl was a baby one of my friends recommended that I check out Family Favourites.  Where we live it is an older movie that changes every Saturday morning but is a fraction of the cost.  To go to Family Favourites you only pay 2.99 per person!!  Hurray!! My girls are still little enough to be excited if they get to watch a movie on the big screen; they could care less if the movie is already out.  Back when I heard about Family Favourites 4 years ago now they would play some of the retro movies from my childhood like E.T., The Land Before Time, Jumangi… and so on!!  It really is such a fun concept and for that cheap why not?!

3.  Spring Break Deals-  During Spring Break as I was mentioning earlier put on some of the 2.99 shows!!  It was so fun because we got to go see Ferdinand!!  The girls loved being able to relax in the big seats, munching on popcorn and taking it all in.  I love being able to score these cheap cheap deals because when you are a family of 4 things can add up pretty quickly.  Also I hate to pay full cost when you don’t know if you’ll have to be chasing an unruly toddler, or make 5 trips to the bathroom.  I find that I don’t hesitate to take the girls to the movie when at the end of the day you only spend $9 because Babykins is still free!!  In case you didn’t know that isn’t even the amount that it would cost for one full price ticket!!

4.  Find a Cheap Theatre–  If you don’t mind watching movies that may just be coming out on video and you live close to a big city this is something to google and check out!!  Lots of times when I first moves from home to attend university, a friend and I would go watch movies together at the cheap theatre.  It was fun to still get out of the house, catch up and visit even if we were watching an older movie.

5.  Dinner and a Movie–  Recently I noticed that a Chinese food restaurant that we used to frequent as a family had a deal on.  You scored a discount on both your meal and movie if you had supper on a certain evening with them.  I am pretty sure that this is not just strictly to this one location; so it might serve you well to contact the restaurants that would be close to see if they have a dinner and a movie deal.

6.  Costco Tickets–  Again when I moved from home one gift that I received and absolutely loved were movie tickets with a concession snack!!  If you have ever purchased tickets from Costco you can score a pretty sweet deal on concession food and the movie for the price it would be just to watch the movie alone.  You can even grab up kid passes for anyone 13 and under.  Their ticket comes with a drink, candy and popcorn!!  I absolutely love getting these and giving them as presents!!  It is a way to bring fun in an entirely different way that you couldn’t otherwise.

7.  Stars and Strollers-  If you don’t mind losing out on the full big screen movie theatre experience then you might just might love using the program stars and strollers.  The movie theatre made one movie a week that allows you to take your baby/ toddler/ preschooler/ or school aged people to the movies.  The only catch is the lights stay on, the sound is turned down, and its a bunch of moms who understand just how your feel when your child talks through the movie or just won’t sit still!!


So when you are itching to get out of the house and watch a movie, hopefully one of these ideas will help you save some money but still enjoy the time you have to spend with your family!!  Because oh puh-lease!!  You’ve got this momma!!

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