Christmas Countdown Day 11

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Christmas Countdown Day 11

We are officially two weeks away from Christmas Day!!  I can’t believe Christmas is only days away and the end of the year is wrapping up!!  I  have started thinking about what our New Year’s Theme!!  If you are wanting to be proactive and get a head start on yours too, you can check out my post Simple Ideas to Celebrate New Years with Children. Now back to our focus on our Christmas Countdown for Day 11!!  I am really happy with everything we have done in terms of our countdown. For me, this Christmas has truly become one that will always be one I cherish and hold closely to my heart.

I forgot that the simplicity of activities can bring about amazing memories and closer relationships.  And this Christmas season more than anything the girls and I just needed to reconnect and having our Christmas countdown has allowed me to do just that!!

The girls were again so stoked to find out what today’s activity was.  The actually squealed with delight when they found out that we would be making cinnamon salt dough ornaments.  They loved that they got to help measure, pore, and stir in the ingredients. Their little hands molded, shaped, rolled, and squished their dough into a variety of shapes from teddy bears, christmas lights, candy canes to reindeer.  They wanted to show me each shape they created and their little eyes beamed with pride.


The smell of cinnamon filled our house as I baked our ornaments and now they are sitting on the counter just waiting to be painted and hung on the tree.  I really love this recipe and wanted to share Cinnamon Salt Dough Ornaments recipe with you, it doesn’t use apple sauce so really you should be able to have all the ingredients on hand!!

As I looked at the ornaments sit on the counter I realized how much they warmed my heart.  I don’t want my Christmas tree to be perfect and perfectly decorated.  Instead, I want it to be covered in ornaments created by little sticky hands.  I want ornaments that have been specially made with pride and love.

The lesson I learned today was a simple reminder that children are treasures from heaven.  Recently, I attended a George Canyon concert and the song that he dedicated to the moms and dads was his song, “I believe in angels”  A song that talks about his love for his children because they see him as their hero and he sees them as his.  I feel like for me this is how I view my girls when I stop to actually reflect on my view of motherhood.

Despite mommy burnout some days and challenging behaviours the next I am truly grateful that heaven has sent me three little angels that I get to talk care of and watch over.  I am here to guide them and love them.  To teach them to love God and rely on Him through all the trials they will experience in this life.  But mostly, we are here to teach each other how to be more like Jesus.

On those days that are so hard I am going  to remember that these sweet years don’t last forever and children truly are precious gifts from heaven.

Because oh puh-lease!!  You’ve got this momma!!




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