Christmas Countdown Day 12

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Christmas Countdown Day 12

One thing that I absolutely love about Christmas is baking.  I really love baking and would do it everyday all day if I could!!  So you can probably guess that for our Christmas Countdown Day 12, we did some Christmas baking.  I wanted the girls to each have an opportunity to do a recipe with me so we divided and conquered.  Each girl got to pick their favourite cookie recipe and make one with me.

I loved that the bigger girls were quick to accept that they needed to go off and play so that sister could have some special time with mom.  Babykins wanted to be in on the action the whole entire time.  So I was grateful when the girls accepted that she was going to be a tag along during the time that they got to bake with mom.  Big Girl helped me make the traditional sugar cookies, Curly Girl helped make some chocolatey chocolate chip mini cookies, and Babykins helped me make some amazing old fashioned oatmeal cookies.

I don’t know what I adore more eating the cookies with my girls when they are warm just coming out of the oven or the delicious smells that fill the house making it smell so cozy and welcoming.  There is something about the smell of cookies baking that really makes a house feel like home.  My greatest goal in motherhood is being able to create a home where the girls want to be.  I want it to be a place that they are willing to bring their friends and when they’re older a place they will be with their teen friends and boyfriends.  I really want our home to be a place that they will want to be no matter what age they are.

I am learning that in order to create that desire I need to focus on the time that I spend with them.  I am learning that the time spent whether I am disciplining or teaching, playing or reading, each activity bring us closer together as a family and solidifies our relationships with one another.

Special time is so important and I am finding that the girls get along way better when I have been intentional about spending time with each of them individually each day.  Sometimes, I found that this proved to be difficult this year when each girl has their unique needs and personality that needed to be met when I was with one of the sisters.  But I am learning more and more that if I want to have a close and lasting relationship with my girls individually and them as sisters than we need to be intentional about the time that we spend together.

The greatest lesson I have learned this Christmas season is that the activities don’t have to be extravagant or even planned way far in advance.  Really it is setting aside time each day to make sure that I am making the girls feel loved and accepted no matter what we are doing.  So momma, don’t let pinterest distract you or discourage you from doing an activity because it isn’t pinterest worthy.  A lot of my photos if you look closely you will notice that there may be a mess in the background.

I contemplated a lot about editing my pictures so they seem perfect but I feel like I am doing mothers a disservice by creating an illusion that our homes need to be magazine worthy in order to create the home and family I had always dreamed of.  Kids make messes.  Our families live in our homes and it would be unrealistic to set up the belief that our houses need to be perfect and clean every minute of the day.

Now please don’t get me wrong I believe that homes need to be kept clean and tidy but not at the extent of having a perfect magazine ready home all day every day.  I did this at one point and my relationships with my girls suffered.  I would rather have happy children and a mess that we can clean up together rather than gloomy babes and a picture perfect home.  So, momma just remember and embrace the quote, excuse the mess we are making memories!!

Because oh puh-lease!!  You’ve got this momma!!

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