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Christmas Countdown Day 13

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Christmas Countdown Day 13

So I think I may have told you that I have a December baby??  I can’t really remember because honestly I am so tired that I am barely keeping my eyes open.  However, Babykins is awake from a power nap she took while I was cleaning the kitchen before bed so we are still up.  And while she is so sweet to play alone so I can do my blog I really want to be cuddled under my blankets for a long winter’s sleep.  However, I just had to post about today for our Christmas Countdown Day 13 because it was a really special day!! We had adopted family over to celebrate Curly Girl’s birthday.  Nothing huge but just 3 “cousins” was enough to make Curly Girl’s party an absolute success.

Curly Girl is my diva girl.  I say this in all love she is girly and loves to dress up and dress to the nines.  Really I think my child may wear princess dresses more than she actually wears real clothes.  I have become pro at washing princess dresses because she wears them so often.  I have lovingly given her another nickname of divi because well she is divalicious!!  When miss.divi had asked for a shopkins party back in June or July I was all on the idea but wasn’t willing to spend a ton of money on party decor.  So when one dollar store I had stumbled upon in the summer had the party decor for Shopkins I just knew that I could pull it off and we bought her party stuff right then and there!!

I am not even exaggerating when I tell you that Curly Girl has talked about her birthday since the end of summer and has lovingly reminded me on a weekly basis that we are having a Shopkins party.

Now if you are a fellow pinterest addict like I may be, you will come to find that there isn’t a ton out there in terms of games and crafts regarding shopkins wthout decorating to the absolute nines and spending hours and hours, and maybe even days you don’t have creating party decor.

What are you to do with a limited amount of ideas and inspiration??

Pull out the teacher card and play a party theme using the preschool secrets!!

So I know that Shopkins is all about shopping for food mainly and other house supplies so I thought why not make a grocery store!!  And we did just that!!  We collected our leftover food boxes and taped them shut and started to continually throw them down the stairs.  After about three weeks we had just enough food boxes to open our store.

On an interesting side note, by only having one theme of play and putting all the other toys away I have seen a greater increase in play and for a longer amount of time.  From now on we will be rotating our bins out and only having one box of play that has been carefully selected for better play in the new year.

We found some sweet grocery signs for preschool play and taped them to the wall.  Everyone got quickly involve in play right away and it turned out to be an absolutely amazing day.

I realize that once things settle down that I will be back to share some tips on how to celebrate a birthday for a child in December so that they feel loved and that their birthday is not overshadowed by Christmas.  Christmas is super important and so is your child so it is finding that happy balance!!

Because oh puh-lease!!  You’ve got this momma!!


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