Christmas Countdown Day 14

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Christmas Countdown Day 14

There are 10 days left until Christmas Eve and the girls are getting more and more excited the closer we get.  Our Christmas Countdown Day 14 is one that got put away because everyone was in need of a day of quiet.  The little girls all seemed to be off today and everything resulted in tears and temper tantrums.  There were some complaints of stomach aches and runny noses, so I pulled the pj day card and we spent the day together everyone in jammies.

Our #LIGHTtheworld focus was on going screen free for the day.  And at first I thought this was a great day to turn off the TV from the limited time we already spend on it.  But as the girls got fussier and fussier as the morning drug on; I realized that the best thing to do was for me to put my phone away for the day.

And a funny thing happened as I went screen free for the day, the girls all seemed to cling to me.  They all seemed to need some extra time and attention and so by putting the phone away today I was able to see how much fun can be had in just being together.

I never realized that my littles were having to compete for time because of my phone.  Now let me be honest, I am not one to sit on Facebook all day or instagram.  Rather I am spending the time devoted to learning about things for my blog to help you, my dear friend and reader.  But I didn’t take into account that working from home would sometimes mean that I was there physically but totally checked out to my little girls needing more attention and love.

So today was nice.  Now I must admit I may have missed some important phone calls and texts like the one that was reminding me that a dear friend would be bringing her son over because I had agreed to watch him.  And then feeling totally ridiculous when I answered the door in my pyjamas.

It was fine and dandy.  I changed into more appropriate clothes and my friend got some valuable cleaning done at home.

But I have realized why our phones have become so important to us.  Our phones are our lifeline to adults.  WE no longer visit our neighbours or spend time with others at the park.  Rather instead we check into social media to see what is going on.  Our closest “friends” from social media may not even know us but we feel connected because they share so much about their lives.

It’s a frightening truth that we may feel more connected to strangers than we do to our actual besties.

When I put my phone away today.  The thoughts that kept running through my mind were all about who I could call and connect with.  I was still craving the adult interaction but was now trying to go about it in an entirely different way.

Since today was such a great day for connecting and getting past some behaviour needs that had cropped up.  I recently learned that attention seeking and behaviour issues stem not from a child being bad or wanting to be naughty but displaying a cry for help for a need that isn’t being met.  This will be another post I’ll share in the New Year because really as I learn more about it, I believe it can truly be a helpful resource in our parenting toolkits.

So this Christmas if you haven’t done so already, give your littles the gift of your presence rather than focusing on presents.  The memories created will change the relationship you have with your precious babes and create priceless memories.

Because oh puh-lease!!  You’ve got this momma!!

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