Christmas Countdown Day 15

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Christmas Countdown Day 15

I kind of had to pinch myself when I realized we were already on our Christmas Countdown Day 15.  Not because I was unprepared for Christmas or anything in relation to Christmas really.  I was just so shocked by the weather outside.  It rained. And then froze.

I know I am talking about weather which probably leaves you wondering what on earth that has to do with our Christmas countdown so, maybe I need to back up.  The goal for our countdown activity today was to walk to the park to build a snowman.  But when we awoke we had found that it had rained.  Rain in December I was a bit shocked.  But what we found outside left me a bit speechless.

As we went for our icy walk today, Curly Girl found a dandelion puff that had thawed from between the snow layers.  She was able to pick it up and carry it in her tiny hand as we continued on our walk.  As the girls jumped from rock to rock, we found a frozen ladybug on the ground that had started to thaw from its blanket of snow.  Seeing the ladybug made me realize just how strange the weather has been for us here in Canada.


I am not complaining there is something magical about when things start to melt and bare the secrets that are hidden under the layers of blankets of snow.

And that’s where our lesson today comes in.  Due to our freezing rain catastrophe the sticky snow that once resided at the park had now become ice we couldn’t actually build our snowman.  But the girls didn’t seem too disappointed in the fact that they couldn’t build a snowman.

Rather instead they took time to stop and admire all of God’s creations around them.  A 10 minute walk to the park turned into a 45 minute one as the girls stopped to discover treasures in between the layers of the melting snow.

It was amazing to me that as children there is such a magic in the simplicity of the world around us.  There is magic in the lady bug hidden in the snow.  There is delight in discovery.  A joy in the journey of life because children have not yet been told that the minutes on a clock matter more than the secrets of outside.

I learned the humble lesson today to stop rushing my girls from one activity to the next.  Rather it is time to stop and enjoy the beauty in the world around me and them.  For the simple discoveries of the precious creations of God matter much more than having the perfectly clean house and the 5 activities all done that were planned for the day.

My goal as a momma and what I will be working on in the New Year is to be apart of the moment in finding those hidden delights that are around because the world truly is magical.

Our walk was one that truly left our hearts full and I saw the hand of God in our lives as a neighbour girl ran to catch up to us.  And it was interesting to hear her lay her burdens on me as she talked about her struggles. She shared how she admired me as a momma for what I was doing with my three when she was struggling with her one.  My heart hurt for her as she shared that she was in a really messy situation and was needing time to sort out her life away from all the daily pressures.

And I realized that despite the trials that we had faced this year that God had proven to bless me with the strength to carry on even when life was getting harder and harder to bear.  I realize now how much my girls give me the desire to go on when life gets hard but I also realized that sometimes my impatience needs to be stopped and replaced with an understanding by looking through at a situation through their eyes.

My girls are treasures from heaven and our icy walk proved that today.  Despite the 10 minutes we spent at the park and the other 45 minutes it took to walk home I was grateful and my heart full because my girls still are finding beauty in the simplicity.  And at the end of the day that’s what really matters.  Simplicity.

It doesn’t always have to be perfect.  Life isn’t about that.  Today wasn’t actually about building a picture perfect snowman but about the time spent together.  So today I had to challenge my beliefs that we have to be somewhere at a certain time and that we need to accomplish so many tasks to measure the day as a success.  Rather I needed to find joy in the giggles of the girls slipping across the icy sidewalks and appreciate their curiosity so much so that it always takes us triple and quadruple the time to walk places.

Christmas is coming and we are excited.  But to be honest momma, I am more excited about all the time we spent together as a family this Christmas season!! Because for me that is what it truly is all about being together as a family becoming more as Jesus would have us be by celebrating His birth!!

Because oh puh-lease!!  You’ve got this momma!!


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