Christmas Countdown Day 16 and 17

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Christmas Countdown Day 16 and 17

This weekend flew by and so please forgive me that you get a smashup of our Christmas Countdown Day 16 and 17.  We had some very special visitors pop by to celebrate a certain 3 year old’s birthday!!  And also to cheer on some little feet that skipped their way across the stage!!

Grandma and Grandpa decided to drive the 4 hours to come watch their girls perform in their Christmas Concert for dance!!  You would never know it but my Curly Girl no longer suffers from separation anxiety and will trustingly go off with anyone for dance.  It makes my momma heart sing but also a little sad that she is ready to blossom and flourish!!

Saturday was Curly Girl’s birthday and because we had an early cousin birthday party we laid low for the day because we knew that Grandma and Bumpa would be there any minute.  Rather instead we spent the day organizing and doing some cleaning.  Afterwards we rewarded ourselves with some good ol’ bin watching of Mako!!

Have you heard of Mako??  It is a netflix original that follows that adventures of three mermaids who trade their fins in for legs when a boy that comes to the island they are supposed to be protecting falls in their pool and becomes a mermaid!!

The girls watched it when I was off at my George Canyon date and when Big Girl spotted it she asked if we could watch it at home.  It is such a good clean wholesome show with a great plot and storyline!!  If you nee a show this is the one to watch.  I’ll even tell you a secret we got Bumpa addicted to watching it too!!

After a lot of grandpa cuddles and some giggles with Grandma the little girls begrudgingly went to sleep Saturday evening both too excited to sleep because they knew that they would be performing on stage in the morning.

Curly Girl was absolutely tickled pink that she got to have her face decked out to the nines in Mommy’s makeup.  And Big Girl who is full of poise and grace didn’t let on how excited but nervous she was until the middle of the show!!

It did my heart good to see that both girls braved the stage with absolutely no tears.  My dear precious Curly Girl didn’t even play strange when she whisked off back stage and willingly ran off with the student dance teachers.

It pulls on the momma heart strings a little that she no longer needs me right by her side but it does my heart well that she lovingly trusts her dance family who would back her up in a heart’s moment.

You would never be able to tell that we spent a good 8 to 10 weeks slowly transitioning from being in her dance classroom to waiting outside the door to the waiting area.

We have become the masters of Separation Anxiety but I am glad that I trusted my momma beliefs and slowly weaned my girl into being confident to stand on her own two feet.  We have a special bond because of it!!

The girls both did really well in the 5 dances they were in.  Big Girl knew her steps and had a bit of stage fright at the beginning but with a little stage whooping and encouragement blossomed in her ballet number.

Curly Girl stayed focused and on point and listened to her teachers so that she truly also flourished in her numbers.

I am so proud of my little dancer girls.  And so is Babykins!!

She watched intently from momma’s lap and clapped when her sisters finished!!

I am proud to be a girl momma!!  I just love my dancers!!

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