Christmas Countdown Day 18 and 19

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Christmas Countdown Day 18 and 19

Our Christmas Countdown Day 18 and 19 got smashed together due to the flu.  Someone in our house seems to be struggling with the stomach flu.  This means that the fun sometimes gets put on the back burner.  However, I have a renewed faith in the simplicity of things because the memories are still being made without the chaos of the holiday.  Christmas isn’t supposed to be about crazy it will always be about the birth of the Saviour and so keeping it simple for our family seems to be the best way to go.

On Day 18 of our Christmas Countdown we were given a sweet foam Gingerbread house to put together.  It was the perfect option for our family because with 3 busy little hands you need something quick and easy.  I think if we had personally tried to do a real gingerbread house I would have cried.  By the time I would have had the house iced together the girls would have eaten all the candy I am sure.

Motherhood with little ones is so much fun but at times exhausting.  However, on the days and weeks of exhaustion that we seem to be struggling through in our home I have come to realize that I would rather have a mess or whirlwind of excitement in my house than not.  So I will embrace the crazy because I love being a mom.

Curly Girl seems to be my most crafty inspired girl and spent the most time with me decorating our gingerbread house.  She loved being able to stick the glittery gumdrops everywhere and took it on as her personal mission to glitterfy our gingerbread man.  Our little ginger person turned into Tinkerbell.  I totally love her imagination.

Our Christmas Countdown on Day 19 was simply to play together.  In the busyness of the holiday season it is really hard to just sit down and be still.  But yet, isn’t that what the entire holiday should really be about??  I decided that the best way for all the little girls to build up their energy and fill their love buckets was to play.

 Keep family traditions simple by playing together for Christmas Countdowns

This past year it has been exciting to see Big Girl’s play increase this past year.  So play has become a source of encouragement now that Big Girl seeks out play and actually begins the story.  The play of choice was Barbies where we celebrated Christmas and bringing presents to the babies.

I have learned over and over again this Christmas season that the season isn’t about rushing to and fro.  It isn’t about shoving so many activities into one day that you are left feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.  Rather it is about being present.  We need to give our gift of presence not presents.

So next time you are thinking of purchasing a gift rather go spend your time with someone you love and haven’t seen in a while because that truly is the reason for the season.  To become like Christ.

If you are looking for some simple ideas to celebrate this Christmas season.  A lot of our ideas were found at Rediscovered Families!!  Check out her 25 ways to celebrate Christmas.

Because oh puh-lease!!  You’ve got this momma!!


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