Christmas Countdown Day 20 and 21

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Christmas Countdown Day 20 and 21

Our Christmas Countdown Day 20 and 21 vseemed to pass by in a blur!! Being with family really is so special but it seems like the time together always seems to be in fast forward!!

I don’t know about you, but for our family we always seem to be in hyperdrive during the holidays season and I truly didn’t want that.  What I wanted instead was to slow down and enjoy my littles being teeny tiny.

There will never again be a time where we will have feet as small as we do now or the precious times to slow down as easily as we do now!!

So when our activity got thrown out the window for our countdown on Day 20 I decided that the best thing to do was let the little girls decide what we could do for the day.

There had been a heavy downpour of fluffy white heavy snow and the girls were raring to go jump in it.  They begged me all day from the time they woke up until we went out to be playing in the snow.

Babykins was excited to crawl in the snow and got herself stuck under the table.  She babbled happily for a while but then she got snow in her face.  I crawled in after her and pulled her out.  And then she was happy to stomp around the backyard where the snow had been shovelled.

Big Girl and Curly Girl are definitely sisters and two peas in a pod.  Curly Girl flopped herself back into the snow eager to make a snow angel. She then threw the snow up in the air as she  let it sprinkle all around her.  Big Girl also flopped herself back into the snow to make a snow angel.

It was so fun to see the girls all enjoy the wonder of being in the snow and enjoying the world in its simple beauty.

Our Christmas Countdown for Day 21 was just as amazing.  It is one of those traditions we absolutely love doing!!  And the girls beg to do as soon as the tree goes up in November.  The tradition??

Have a Sleep Over around the Christmas Tree.

This is where you could honestly cue in the squeal with delight!!

The girls were so stoked to know that they could sleep around the Christmas tree.  We were able to use an air mattress rather than our memory foam and it totally changed our sleep.  When one child would turn over or move so would ever other child.  It was like sleeping on a water bed where everyone bounced around.

I finally snuck upstairs with Babykins and the other two joined us somewhere in the middle of the night.  As fun as it is to bounce your siblings off the air mattress it isn’t as fun when you’re actually trying to sleep.

It was so cozy to wake up this morning and have our whole family squished into one bed all cuddled up like a pile of puppies.  These are the moments I truly cherish the most because truly they fill my heart with happiness and joy.

This Christmas season has been such a joy in the activities I have done with my girls.  The memories are so dear and precious.  And again I think all the work that goes into it makes it truly worth it!!

So if you are reading this I hope you have been inspired to start your own Christmas countdown!!  They truly are so magical and an amazing way to plan for simplicity during your christmas seasons!!

Because oh puh-lease!!  You’ve got this momma!!

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