Christmas Countdown Day 22

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Christmas Countdown Day 22

Our Christmas Countdown Day 22 was an activity that we look forward to as a family.  It is truly the reason for the season and helps us to focus on the true meaning of the holiday season and why exactly we do what we do.  For our Christmas Countdown Day 22 activity we held our Journey to Bethlehem meal and acted out the nativity.

When Big Girl was 2, I was sitting in class at church as the ladies around me talked about the types of traditions that they held in their homes.  One mom who I was especially intrigued by mentioned that her family started doing a new tradition.  It was to host a meal where you would only eat things that would be found during the times of Jesus.  This mom talked about how her brother had made it his mission to find the weirdest things to constantly bring to the meals and how it had become a true family tradition that her siblings really looked forward to.

When I got home that evening from church I began to search for this supper she had mentioned.  Journey to Bethlehem.

I gained my inspiration from Having Fun at Home with creating an atmosphere of no electricity.

And I also gained the rest of my inspiration from this fun upbeat family blog Beyond our Wildest Dreams.

From these two blogs I gleamed their ideas and took them to be a part of our own traditions.  I loved the idea of no electricity and I also loved the idea of sitting on the floor.  I didn’t take it as far as sitting in the dirty garage so we would gather beside the Christmas tree with our little battery LED candles and the glow of the Christmas tree for our meal.

For the past three years we have done this tradition.  Each year as Christmas rolls around Big Girl asks when we will do our Journey to Bethlehem Meal because for her this tradition has come to mean a lot.  She loves the story of Baby Jesus and Mary.


This year we actually had the opportunity to bring grandparents in on the fun of our traditions and they were able to dress up and act out the nativity with us.

Curly Girl became our Mary this year and Big Girl took on the role of Joseph.

Grandpa was a Shepherd along with Babykins.

Grandma and Mom were Wise Men.

It was actually so fun because Grandma has a lot of different ethnic clothes she has been given over the years.  Because of this the kids really got to go to town with their costumes and it was fun to have an opportunity to be a part of such a grand story.

As our meal closed and we read the Christmas Story.  I had the girls come join us on the couch where each family member shared what made Jesus special to them.

We ended the evening watching the Youtube Video Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant put to the Nativity video.  It was such a special evening and one I hope the girls will look back on again and again.  I truly hope it is a memory they will cherish as much as I do.

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