Christmas Countdown Day 23 and 24

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Christmas Countdown Day 23 and 24

One of the ideas that I loved about the countdown of the blogger momma, who I originally learned about doing a Christmas Countdown, was her idea to have a sleepover party with cousins.  There is something truly so special about spending time with cousins so we were able to arrange it that we would open a couple of days visiting cousins.  So lo and behold our Christmas Countdown Day 23 and 24 activities were have a sleepover with cousins and decorate and leave out cookies for Santa.

There is something magical about seeing Christmas through a child’s eyes and I was so excited that we were able to be all together as a family to celebrate in the magic.

When the cousins all get together there are squeals of delight and happiness.

I always say Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when He made the cousins because each child has a play mate with a similar personality and age range.

Curly Girl actually looks a lot like her cousin pair that we have lovingly named them the twinsies.

It is such a blessing to have family within a day’s driving distance because more than ever I want my girls to be close to their family members.

For our sleepover, I offered to watch the cousins so my brother and Sister in Love could  get some last minute Christmas shopping done.

But really it was so much fun being together that they had a hard time leaving.

So before they left we decorated Christmas cookies together.  We made icing and the girls all decorated the cookies with pink, green, and brown icing.

There were sprinkles galore as the girls loaded their cookies with sprinkles and sparkles.

Babykins decided that it would be great to smoosh her hands into the icing and decorate her face rather than the cookies.  By the time we were done there was icing everywhere.

After we decorated our cookies we watched My Little Pony’s A Very Minty Christmas and then the teacher in me just had to ask the girls what lesson had to be learned.  We talked about being friends and why it is important to treat each other with kindness and be forgiving.

On the 24th, our Christmas countdown was to leave milk and cookies our for Santa.  However, I noticed a disturbing trend this year when I looked for a letter template for our letter to Santa.

In every letter I saw except maybe 2 I noticed that the letters to Santa were all about what they wanted.  I know that sounds silly because lets face it that’s why you write to Santa.  But I felt as if it just seemed greedy.  That’s why I asked the girls to write a letter to Santa that focused on thanking him for his hard work to make and bring them toys.

I feel like this helped to shift the focus back on to being grateful for their gifts instead of always wanting more and more.  I am thinking for next year that I will write our own Santa letter template because I want it to focus on a child’s character more than what they want.  I’ll keep you posted!!

Because oh puh-lease!!  You’ve got this momma!!


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