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How To Create a Summer Bucket List

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Creating Summer Bucket Lists

What are some of the activities that you can always count on your children doing?? For us, we all love dancing, singing, and music.  Our house is never without one or the other happening!  Oh, and don’t forget screaming.  There always seems to be shrill screams of sheer joy and delight when the girls are playing in the house.   It brings a great joy to have girls so heavily invested in their play!  Another thing that these girls seem to truly enjoy are the warm days of summer! In order to do so we love to use a Summer Bucket List!  That way everyone has a say.  Want to know how we create a summer bucket list?  Just keep reading!!

Summer Bucket Lists

Last year at the beginning of summer I tried to plan things that we wanted to do before the warm days quietly faded into Fall.  It was a pretty rough list and it wasn’t in a cute spot or decorated; just written in a coil notebook.  With two weeks left of the lazy hazy days of Summer, my dear friend introduced me to a fabulous idea that was floating around the internet: summer bucket lists!  Why hadn’t I thought of this?!  The teacher in me loves the cutesy handouts!

A cute printout clipped to a board displayed in her kitchen displayed the ideas that she and her girls had wanted to do that they had brainstormed 2 months before!  Some of the fun ideas that they came up with were:

  • Watch movies all day long in their pajamas
  • Have a science day ( Mentos candy and coke experiment, shooting off balloon launchers, etc.)
  • Visit all the playgrounds in the city
  • Set up the tent in the backyard and read books

I learned last year that Summer doesn’t always have to mean that your family goes on fun expensive cruises or flights to Mexico or another exotic place.  Just having summer fun days together as a family means a whole lot more.   Our bucket list was based more on family day trips we took that were fun but still left some gaps to try to plan a fun day!  So before we are into the full swing of Summer, us girls will be making a Summer Bucket list to really soak up the quiet days we have and play hard on the days where we are doing something fun!

Creating Family Traditions through your Summer Bucket List

Including my littles in the plans for the Summer really seems to make it that much more enjoyable and fun!  We found that in creating our list that it allows for fun traditions to develop.  For the last two Summers past, we traveled to Tourist Attraction Locations that were about 5 and 6 hours away from where we live.  We were able to enjoy the Dinosaur Museum and spray park there, and then to also go to a Christmas Store in another town and buy personalized Christmas ornaments for our tree. It was a treat at Christmas time to have my four year old bring up a sweet cherished memory she had from the summer past.

It doesn’t have to cost money!

Being in university for a long time, then being a stay at home mom, and NOW a single mom; I can say that we don’t have a lot of extra money just laying around to do the things that you really hope to do (like Disneyland or Camping every weekend).  So instead we focus on free events or activities; we really like free!

Look around to find free swimming pools or spray parks, free concerts or events.  We have found both, we really like to hit up all the summer parades where the girls can collect candy (that I stash away for bribes or potty treats) and cheer on the different floats that go past.  Last summer, we also found a free pool that we hit up every couple of days.  It was nice because not a lot of families went there and so we were able to have our own pool without the cost of upkeep to have one in our own backyard.  Big Girl was even able to teach herself to paddle across the pool with a pool noodle she would borrow from another family that frequented the pool as often as we did.

Road Trips

Another idea to slam on that Summer Bucket list are road trips! They can be a lot of fun, even if it is just for the day.  I know The Dating Divas website focuses on strengthening marriages but I found some of the ideas are super useful in planning family dates as well!  One idea that I found when I was just a brand new mommy was being tourists for the day!

Now it definitely wasn’t Summer when I stumbled across this sweet little idea; it was the winter and extremely cold.  But I loved this idea so much that I decided to implement it even in the bitter cold temperatures! We were living in the city at that point so I chose to tour just the outside of our city in the small town we actually live in now! We visited a petting farm, found some cute little Halloween pumpkins to decorate and had an outright blast! You never know where your adventures may take you or the future they may have in store for you!

Our Summer Plans

When I asked the girls what they would like to do this Summer the focus seemed to be around camping with Gramma.  Big Girl excitedly piped in, “I want to look at the stars and sleep under them! Oh, and eat burned marshmallows.”

So without further ado our ideas so far:

  • Summer reading challenge (you know the one where you read in a different place every day? read on your doorstep. The top of the stairs. the bottom of the stairs.  I know! I know!  Total geek alert :))
  • Visit Old Fashioned Train Museum
  • Go camping with Gramma, even if it is just in our backyard!
  • Visit the local spray parks
  • Run in the sprinkler
  • Make yogurt popsicles
  • Geocaching!!!!
  • Canada Day Parade (and others around our town and local cities)

(UPDATE)  I really just had to come back and add to our list because Ruth over at livingwellspendingless has the ULTIMATE bucket list ideas!!!  I am so in love with them all but here are my absolute faves that we will be aiming to accomplish this summer!  Go check out her list; you won’t be sorry!!

  1. play spot the different creatures in your backyard
  2. read by flashlight
  3. find and feed ducks at the local pond
  4. buld something with sticks or scrap lumber
  5. take a nap in a shady part outside
  6. Build a dino habitat outside!

So, what do you have planned for the summer?  Do you fill out a cute Summer Bucket List?  Share your ideas below 🙂

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