For a long time I hummed and hawed about starting a parenting blog because aren’t there already like a thousand out there?!  But then I came to realize that everyone parents differently and no two kids are a like!  If you don’t believe me, come and hang out with mine! Haha! Hopefully here you can find some resources or tips that have worked for us that might be valuable for your family too. <3

I parent through play, intentional parenting, and creating a family culture. Every day isn’t perfect and I make mistake as a parent just as my girls make mistakes.  Together we learn to be better and strive towards becoming the best we can be despite the imperfections.  So with that being said I promise to be totally transparent with my successes and failures as a parent to help empower other mommas and hopefully some dad too that parenting is a journey and not a one stop destination!  So, come on in and stay a while while we all learn about this parenting journey together!