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How to Embrace the Power of the Bible

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How to Embrace the Power of the Bible

In the last week here at Parenting Puhlease we have probably exhausted the subject of trials and struggles but I felt like there was just one more thing that needed to be said about the subject. In one post I talked about how our ancestors’ stories can help guide us and give us strength. But what if your family was a lot like my ancestors where the stories were kept hidden or in the dark?? It’s hard when you don’t have your own stories to rely on so where do you go from there??  The secret is to figure out how to embrace the power of the bible.

I came to rely on the scripture stories to bring strength to my family as we have gone through our struggles but in this came a wrestle in my mind to accept how I truly was using the scriptures in my life.

I guess I need to back up a bit and start here. When I was about 16 I heard a story at a youth conference. Here is the story: there were a group of turkeys who wanted to learn how to fly. They constantly talked about wanting to fly and so they found a turkey who knew how to fly to teach the rest of the group. They spent the whole day practicing how to fly and were getting really good at it. However, when it was time to go home as it was getting dark the turkeys all landed and walked home.

Did you catch the moral of the story?? The turkeys although they had the capacity and skill set to fly home they decided to walk and this very much can apply to our attitude about the scripture stories we read and study.

For a long time, I was a turkey with my scripture reading. I would read the various stories from the scriptures from Job, to Noah, Moses, Joseph and the coloured coat, and David. The stories all told of people who had strong character traits. I learned of faith, courage, hope, determination, humility, patience and so many other great character traits. And then I would close up my scriptures and go on with my life.

But this round as I have gone through my trials I have come to question if I really was just supposed to be a turkey in my scripture reading. I came to realize that I needed to challenge my own beliefs surrounding those stories. The first question that I had to ask myself came from the precept of understanding that I needed to believe that these “characters” or people were actually real people who came to earth and struggled with the afflictions that they had.

If I was going to use these scripture stories to find strength and hope I needed to accept that these weren’t just fairytales that always ended in a happily ever after.

One of my favorite stories from the bible is about Esther and her courage. That despite the knowledge that she could lose her life for approaching the king without being sent for really empowered me to always choose the harder right even when it would mean heartbreak and struggle. Even if it meant that I could lose a lot I knew from her story that I needed to find strength through challenging my faith and praying for the hand of God to guide me.

It hasn’t made my life easy in making these choices to choose the harder right rather than the easier wrong but has instead started to shape me to become a better person that is being shaped and molded by God’s hands.

The second question that I needed to ask myself was could I identify and rely on the strength of these scripture heroes if the desired outcome didn’t go the way that I planned. And that my friend is a hard question to answer. Would I still have the courage and faith and even mental stamina or strength to follow God if what I thought should happen didn’t?? This made me reflect a lot on the story of Joseph. Joseph was sold by his jealous brothers into slavery. He was seduced by Potiphar’s wife and thrown into jail where he spent a lot of time. His life was one that was riddled with sorrows and heartbreak. And in the end he still chose to follow Jesus and God.

Job is another example of someone who chose to follow God and rejoice in Him when his wife told him to curse God and die. When his friends turned against him and he lost everything. When I started to look at these scriptural stories as real accounts of real people I came to understand that God does allow hard hard heartbreaking trials to come upon us. He will walk with us but we won’t be void of heartbreaking sorrow and struggles.

The last question that I came to ask myself was where can I truly find peace?? Does it really come from the scriptures and doing what’s right?? The answer is a resounding yes!! Yes you will find peace from the scriptures, from praying, from taking these scripture heroes’ stories and relying on their faith to strengthen your own.

Without going into a lot of detail I can say that the trials we are facing in our family have been devastating. It has brought many tears and dark sorrows. Times where I would plead with God to take away the heartbreak and trials we faced. But I have come to learn that our faith can be strengthened during our times of adversity as we rely on the scriptures, identify with those scripture heroes, and will I allow their stories to help bring peace can and will allow us to find the strength needed to persevere no matter what happens in our lives.

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