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How to Empower Others by Being Yourself

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How to Empower Others  by Being Yourself

I have hesitated to write this but it needs to be shared because I know that someone who is reading this needs to hear it.  As much as I have always looked like I have it together I have struggled with low self-esteem and low self-confidence.  Many times I have questioned whether I am making the right decision based on others’ approval or how happy they are with me.  Yet I have come to realize that as a mother this is not the example that I want to set for my children.  Because I have come to realize that through raising my children that my daughters’ self-worth is notes by what others think of them or is they are happy with how they act or not.  I have come to realize that each of us comes to earth with divine potential and purpose that allows us to empower others.  So if you are wondering how you too can truly embrace who you are so you can empower others just keep reading.  Because I am going to share some amazing insight about a woman who taught me how to empower others by being yourself!!

The Story

This past weekend we had the opportunity as a family to sustain the new prophet of our church.  A prophet who I had prayed to gain a testimony (knowledge to know for myself) that he truly was a man of God.    It was interesting to note that my precious 3 year old and 5 year old understood the significance of all that was happening.  Big Girl in all seriousness looked at me and said “mom, I understand that this is special and serious.  I better listen.”  This warmed my heart because I came to learn since January that sometimes our prayers are not always answered right away but may actually be answered line upon line and precept upon precept.

Back in January our church lost an esteemed prophet, leader, and friend when President Thomas S Monson passed away due to age related issues.  It was a hard day for me because  I remember being a young child about three or four and hearing this man speak in one of the classrooms at a local university I was at with my mom.  Although, I can’t remember what was said I do remember the feeling of just knowing that this man was a man of God and that he was someone who I could follow to learn more about Jesus.

When President Monson died I struggled a little bit because I didn’t have that peace or confirmation about President Nelson being the prophet.  So I did what we have been encouraged to do.  I prayed.  I prayed that I would know for myself that President Nelson was a man of God and the one whom the Lord had Himself anointed.  And I prayed some more and truthfully I left it at that.

The struggles we face

But, if you have been around Parenting Puhlease in the last little while, you have probably come to quickly learn that our little family is no stranger to trials, struggles and deep down heartache.  In case you missed it, you can check out our posts all about struggles and becoming empowered here, here, and here.  So it should be no surprise that I have spent the quiet hours of my evenings seeking out desperately searching for ways to find peace.

Peace to know that whatever happens that the Lord is aware.  Peace to know that He cares.  Peace to know that everything will be okay.  And peace to know that His grace is sufficient.

Learning How to Empower Others by being Ourselves

And on this search I came across two powerful talks by Sister. Wendy Watson.  The first was “Becoming the Person You Were Born to Be”.  Her words are  powerful. For she is a woman who truly knows the Saviour personally.  She is no stranger herself to heartache and I felt empowered and invigorated by her words to come closer to God.

So of course when you come to admire a person and look to them as a role model you google their name like crazy.  Oh, you don’t do that??  Okay, maybe it is just me!!  But in googling her name like crazy and listening to her other talk “4 Truths about Love and Marriage” I came to find a great love and respect for this woman of God.  She was someone who I knew I could follow and pattern my life after to come closer to God and Jesus Christ.  Little did I know she was actually the prophet’s wife until I found her seated by his side sharing her testimony about the truthfulness of family history work during another talk I had discovered.

And it was there that my prayer from January was answered.  Here was a woman of God with a strong faith and belief in the Lord sharing her testimony of the power of family history work.  And as I heard President Nelson speak with Sister. Wendy Watson I saw the kindness shine through.  I saw the way that President Nelson spoke of children, women and families and I knew that Sister Watson would not marry a man who wasn’t close to God.  I knew that because of her faith she would follow a man who only patterned his life after Christ.

And so it was through Sister Nelson, the dear prophet’s wife that I came to learn just how close the prophet was to God.

Now you may wonder, why on earth I would share this story with you??  Why does this even matter in having faith in God or becoming a better momma??  Because to be honest I would ask those questions too.

How to Empower Others by being Yourself

But I felt like I had to share with you the power we have as women.  We are not just mothers.  We are not just wives, or sisters, or daughters.  We are women of Christ.  We have a power of influence that we ourselves don’t fully realize or understand.

Like the scriptural accounts of the heroes of the bible we have a story to tell and a strength to share.  We can empower others for good.  Whether it be our family members, friends, or strangers that we meet.  So momma, on the days that you doubt yourself and the good you do in the world remember your sphere of influence.

You have the power to make a great change in this world through small and simple means.  Sister Watson did nothing more than develop her relationship with Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father to the point that when she speaks there is no question of their divinity, strength, goodness and power.  This might not seem like a big feat until you realize that her words had enough sway to soften my heart and change it.

By changing my heart I can teach my children and right there are 4 people who are followers of Christ because of the sacred power of another woman.

The role of being a woman and a mother can sometimes be trying and hard but remember who you are.  Remember the person you are trying to be.  Because one day your example will be the change you wish to see in the world whether you know it or not.  So on those hard days where it seems like life has got you grasped in its control remember to stand firm and be true.  God is making you into the person He wants you to be.


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