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How to find the perfect gift for a child

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How to find the perfect gift for a child

Spring and summer seem to be when all our friends and family have birthdays!! And to be honest as much as I love going to the birthday parties; more often that not I was finding it really hard to find a present for the people we were shopping for.  I seemed to struggle even more when it came to finding a gift for that special person who seemed to have everything. However, with a little luck and knowledge I have been able to come up with presents that each person loves!!  So if you are wondering about how to find the perfect gift for a child keep reading for all the secrets we use!!

The secret to buying the perfect gift is actually not as complicated as you might think!! The only rule or secret that you need to remember is you have to buy the present based on the person you are buying for!! The easiest way to find the perfect present is to think about that special person’s interests, needs or abilities. Really it all comes back to this post where we talk about figuring out these traits for our children for school but you most definitely can use them in terms of finding that perfect gift as well.

However there is no need to overthink how to find the perfect gift because if this is for a precious little one they already have given you some pretty awesome clues just from their party invitation.

1. Follow the Theme of the Party

I have come to learn that usually the theme of a child’s birthday party is the one that it is picked because a child is obsessed with whatever that topic is. Big Girl this past year was obsessed with dinosaurs and Curly Girl’s obsession was shopkins.   With birthdays at our house only months away they are already choosing and discussing the themes they want for this year’s parties.  Some of the discussion has been around Peter Rabbit, Monkeys, Sesame Street and Paw Patrol.  It will be fun to see what they pick.  But getting back to finding the ultimate perfect gift focus on the party’s theme.  If you know the birthday party theme start there then you are sure not to go wrong!!

2. Find out what they love to do

The next tip that we use in trying to find the perfect gift is to find out some of those favorites that a child has. What is their favorite colour? Favorite candy? Favorite activity? Favorite animal? Favorite story? My girls love Popcorn PJ Parties and so sometimes for gifts we have grabbed a classic Disney Movie or a children’s movie that has just come out paired it with a box of popcorn some fun treats and added some PJs!!  I know there have been times where I have been given movie basket packages and they are SO SO fun because it is nice to curl up with some fun treats and a new movie and enjoy being home!!

3. Give an experience

My girls absolutely love doing things!!  They love exploring and being outside, they love planning out a special day and then going to do it, they love talking about places they have been and things they have done.  In a world where it seems that kids already have too many things it can be a fun spin off to give a child something different like a pass to the local zoo or farm, or tickets to a play place or even children’s theatres.

4. Give Them Your Time

If the little one you are shopping for is someone that you have a close relationship with you can always give the gift of your time.  As I was growing up my mom would give us a card that would tell us things that she loved about us with a homemade coupon that she had made.   In it we would be promised a special mother/child date and we would set a time on the calendar to go on our date!!  Sometimes it would be to go for a walk and get ice cream.  Other times it would be to go to the theatre with her or the movies.  It is a fun alternative for parents especially to truly box out time for those little people in their lives who need that extra one on one time.

So when it comes down to finding the perfect gift for the children in your lives remember to focus on what they are interested in, what they love to do, places they may love to go or give the best gift in the world; give them your time!!  Because oh puh-lease!!  You’ve got this momma!!




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