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Planning Your Kindergarten Homeschool Year

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Planning Your Kindergarten Homeschool Year

Can you believe it is almost the second week of September??  Where did the summer go?!  I can’t believe how quickly the days faded from the lazy hazy days of summer to the chilly days of fall!  However, with fall comes cozy sweaters and warm drinks.  But even better than cozy sweaters and warm drinks is the opportunity for school to start!!  Today I am going to blow your mind with how easy it can be planning your kindergarten homeschool year in a matter of minutes!!  Are you ready??  Okay!!  Let’s get going!!


Using the Alberta Program of Studies

If you are an Albertan like me,  you can also use this resource for a rough guide of where to start in teaching your littles.  Heck!!  Use this resource wherever you live because it is actually sort of amazing!!  So let’s start off by saying it was ingrained into us in university that the Alberta Program of Studies was your best friend!!  It would lead and guide you through the crazy world of teaching.  So you can only imagine when it came down to planning what I would be doing for kinder year here at our house that I first looked at this resource!!  In case you missed it, I wrote a post about the nitty gritty details of how to read the Alberta POS.  If you missed it you can check it out here!!

Planning your kinder year

So stop reading right now and grab a Pen and Paper!!

Hopefully, by the time you are done reading this post you have planned your kinder year because it really is that simple!!  So I hope you grabbed a pen and paper because I sure did!!  Actually maybe grab a stack of papers because for this you are going to need it!  This tip that I am going to share with you now actually can be used for any grade and not just kindergarten.  It’s how I planned my grade 2 and 3 teaching and if I ever have to jump back into the crazy whirlwind life of teaching it’s what I would use again!!

So, when you click on a subject with the Programs of Study, you will see your General Learning Outcomes and Specific Learning Outcomes.  It is through these that you find your topics of study.  Some for kindergarten that are covered are the 5 senses, learning to share, citizenship, counting to ten and so on.

What you want to do is find a method or way that works for you in writing down all the topic ideas or themes that need to be covered.  I do it sort of using a checklist method (You can find a free printable in our library) This way I can see what topics need to be taught for each subject, and the best way to cover the top 3 to 5 Specific Learning Outcomes for each one. It takes a bit of time to write everything out but once you have it written down you are good for a year!!  So pat yourself on the back and let’s dive into the most exciting part of this whole entire post!!

I am so excited to share this with you!!

Actually, I am so excited about how amazing about this resource is that I talk about it all the time!! And I mean whoever will listen I blab on and on and on about it!!  When I had written down my Kindergarten year I decided to look at the resources I already had available at my fingertips for teaching Big Girl Kinder.

So I clicked over to a preschool program I had boughten to use with the girls about six months ago.  I clicked it open and started to go through the themes that were covered.  And do you know what happened?? I started to get really ecstatic and laugh, and jump up and down!!  Because, I realized that this program that I had gotten, that I firmly believed in, covered 90% of Kindergarten’s program of study!!!

I was out of this world excited.  I don’t know if you have delved into the world of homeschooling yet, or even teaching, but that was hours of time that I had now saved because someone else had done the work for me!!

Now you are probably really giddy too!  And are wanting to know what this resource is…

So let me share the wealth!!  The program that fits hand in hand with the program of studies for Kinder is called Joy School!!  It is run by parenting gurus Richard and Linda Eyre.  It is based off their book entitled, Teaching Your Children Joy.  What they believe is that the best gift as parents we can give to our children in the younger years is the gift of joy.  And it is true!!  Want to see pure joy on the face of your littles?? Use an Air Popper to pop popcorn with the lid off!!  The squeals of delight and sparkles that brighten your child’s eyes and face will change your life I am telling you!!  It is just one of the ideas in their book!

pure joy is popping popcorn without a lid

Where can I grab Joy School??

I just want to be 100% honest, that I am not even an affiliate for this program but in starting to use it I have seen such a difference with my babes that I wanted to share it with you.  My girls are happy to sit and learn with this program.  They don’t fight routine and are happily singing the rules song throughout the house or Oh Boy I’ve Got Joy at the top of their lungs.  I once saw a quote, that said “a child who sings is a happy child.” The girls sit at the kitchen table nicely.  They wait politely while everyone is served snack or lunch with their hands in their laps because that is what Joy School teaches.  When your child is begging you to do school on the weekends you know its a good program!!  I am so happy to have found this resource.  So,  I ended up buying this program through the website values parenting because it allows you to gain access to their Family Nurture Code, which I really need to write a post on because it saved my girls’ lives!  And other amazing resources like, Family Night Lessons and access to their free parenting books.

Now, before you go and throw out all the work you just did above with writing everything out, you’ll actually need that!  Keep a paper trail to show what was covered.  As you go over the lessons and themes you can plug them into where they fit for your learning outcomes!!  That way your whole entire year is recorded.

I will continue to update on how things progress throughout the year with our Joy School, but for now I say ditch the paper and pen, and just grab Joy School!!  It will be the best money you ever spent because lets face it, the time and tears you will save this Kinder year without having to plan from scratch or busily searching Pinterest into the early hours of morning, really is worth it!!  On another note, I purchased their kindergarten readiness to really cover the aspects we were missing in terms of letters and numbers

And bam, your kinder year is planned and done!!  Now go put your feet up and grab that book you’ve been dying to read because now you can!!  Your kinder year is planned!!

relax your kinder year is planned


Because oh puh-lease!!  You’ve got this momma!!


Note: If you feel like you don’t want to do Joy School at this time I still really encourage you to register and access their amazing Parenting Books because first off they are free.  Some books are best sellers and once the Eyre’s gain copyright back they put them online for free, so go read them because really they will blow your mind!!



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