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Planning Your Weekly Preschool Theme

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Planning Your Weekly Preschool Theme

Let’s just jump right in to planning your preschool theme for the week!  I am super stoked that you decided to plan your theme with me!!

So in my last post around planning your child’s preschool themes based on their interests, needs, and abilities we were able to quickly come up with themes for your littles!  Hopefully, you still have that printable that you worked on because it will come in handy as we plan the theme for the week!! So grab our next cute printable, a pen, open up Pinterest and come back here as we plan our weekly themes together.

Alright, let’s get started! One of the themes we will be doing in our home is Apples for September because everyone else seems to be doing it!  And sometimes it is fun to follow the crowd!  But, truthfully I found this

super cute math apple printable for Big Girl’s kinder stuff that it just seemed appropriate to plan an apple theme to go with it!


The first thing we need to figure out for preschool is the areas that need to be covered.  On the printable you will find the following:


  1. Literacy- Books
  2. Crafts
  3. Songs
  4. Snacks
  5. Water Play
  6. Sand/ Sensory Play
  7. Dramatic Play
  8. Construction/ Block Play /Play-doh Activities
  9. Extension activities to include Kinders

Now looking at this list might seem daunting but here me out.  With Pinterest, planning your preschool weekly theme will be easier than you ever imagined!  So pick a topic that absolutely excites you and start there! I usually type into Pinterest Apple Preschool Theme and a billion ideas will pop up.

Apple Orchard and Apple Pie Dramatic Play:

For me what caught my eye was the felt apple pie play center!  So for me, I decided to do that for Dramatic Play.  Our play kitchen will now become an Apple Pie Bakery!  The girls will have a couple of bowls of fuzzy pom poms that are red and green and some pie tins with felt pie lids and bowls to make apple pies.  If I am feeling ambitious I will make some apple trees that go on the wall where the apple pom poms can be picked off the trees using velcro!

apple pie bakery play inspiration

Apple Sensory Table and Water Play

Our Sensory table will be oatmeal, cinnamon sticks, and apples!   So I will extend the experience of building apple pies right into the sensory table.  That way the girls will be able to smell the cinnamon, have apples to feel touch and taste, and some measuring spoons, buckets, and pie tins to make their apple pies.

Since my water and sand table are combined depending on down the week how the girls are engaging in play with the tools there I might add one side of water so that the girls could wash their apples.  However, sometimes the girls can get quite messy with their sensory play that I choose to either do water play or sensory play.

Construction Play- Play-Doh Activity

I usually try to have some opportunity for the girls to work with blocks to create something based on the theme we are doing.  For this week I would encourage block play in making fences to go around their apple orchard.

This time around I also found some super cute play-doh printables over here!!  That means for this go around I will combine my play-doh activity to go with my blocks because of the printables I found!

Just checking in!  How are you doing?

Do you feel overwhelmed yet?? I hope not! You’re doing great.  If we go back to our list we have our big centers done!  Now it just comes down to books, crafts, and songs.  For me personally, I really like to have my girls’ crafts be an extension of their learning from whatever book or song we sang that day!  So I start off by picking my books next!!

planning your preschool themed books

Literacy- Book Learning

So the first thing I do is look through the books we have to see if I have anything that relates to the theme.  Right away I found one so I would add it to my book list. After that, we take a trip to the library to see what hidden gems we can find there!  Sometimes I will check Pinterest or Youtube even for books that may sound like they would be a good fit!  I use youtube to listen to the story to see if it is interesting, fun and something that my girls will relate to.   So the books we found this time a the library were:

  1. Ten Apples Up on Top
  2. Amelia Bedelia’s First Apple Pie
  3. Autumn is for Apples
  4. Apple Farmer Annie
  5. How Do Apples Grow?


I really like to extend thinking by relating the crafts, where possible to what we have read.  I do this so that the girls can talk about what we have read and open up a conversation and critical thinking skills in making our crafts.

  1. How many apples up on top?
  2.  Paper plate pies
  3. Painting Apple Pinecones
  4. Wine Cork Apple Stamps and buttons
  5. Paper role apple core

Singing a song is fun to do!

I love singing and I always try to have the girls learning new songs!  So I am in the process of creating a music box full of songs but I try to have at least 3 to 4 songs that we learn each week.  For our apple theme, they are:

  1. I’m a little apple
  2. 5 Little apples
  3. Have you ever seen an apple?

Extra Activities

To incorporate Big Girl into the activities I have the apple seed number match puzzle games, also I would do an apple color sort where you put the apples into a line based on their color.  This would be a prime time to also work on the letter “A”.  Big Girl knows her capital “A” very well but struggles with her lower case “a” so this is where I would work with her on her letter “a” as well. letter "a" practice

Planning your weekly preschool theme

Truthfully, when it comes down to planning it has to be fun!  Learning is only as fun as the teacher presents it to the children!  When you are taking the time to plan your weekly themes you want to make sure the children have room for a sensory opportunity, dramatic play, books to read, songs to sing, crafts to make, and opportunities to have fun, make mistakes, get messy and explore.  There are so many wonderful resources out there that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel!  You truly can just jump on Pinterest and find all the information needed!

In the last word of warning, sometimes you will be totally excited about how you set something up only to discover that it is a flop and your littles aren’t interacting as you hoped they would.  Don’t panic allow your children to take the lead and change it up that they are leading the play and becoming the masters of their learning!!


Because oh puh-lease!!   You’ve got this momma!!

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