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Sharing our Family’s Fav’s

I really wanted to start a resource page.  I feel like as mommas we don’t have time right at the moment to flip through that post to find that amazing product or resource that was talked about.  We need something quick and simple.  Something right in our face so that we can get where we need to go.  And let’s face it, I love having my resources all in one spot because it is easier for me too!  Anything that I share on this page are resources or products that I completely believe in and use or have used on a daily basis.  I say used because as our babes hit new stages and developments we might not need that product any longer. So without further ado here is the list of our fam’s go tos:

Parenting Advice

Ask Dr.Sears

When I was struggling with any health concerns from vaccinations to eating, to rashes, to parenting I always turned first to Dr. Sears.  His website is such a gem that when my girls were new and little and stayed in one spot when I put them down I truly relied on his words.  I still use Dr. Sears as my go to for my parenting concerns and worries but have found that once you get into a rhythm you feel pretty confident in knowing what to do.  So I roll with the punches and when that doesn’t work any longer I go back and read Dr. Sear’s to see what I am struggling with.

A Virtuous Woman

I struggled to know if I should put Melissa’s blog into parenting or faith because it does both.  Melissa runs a Christian ministry blog that I absolutely adore.  It is through her scheduling post and then her 15 weeks from chaos to calm that completely changed my life and how I ran my home.  She is another gem that I like to visit on a frequent basis because she always has such wisdom to share.  I also felt a deep connection with her because despite trying to be perfect there were some events in her life that really kept her from having that image/ life of perfection.  She is a role model for me and I look up to her a lot.  She’s a great mom and I try to emulate what she teaches.

Barbara Coloroso

Barbara Coloroso is also a peach that you are going to adore.  She wrote a couple of books that really hit home for me.  One was titled Kids Are Worth It.  Her discipline strategies are nothing short of divine.  This is a lady who knows what she is talking about from experience and you know she knows her stuff.  If time outs aren’t your thing then you really want to check out her books!  They will blow your mind and totally change the way you parent.


Have you heard of the book Teaching Your Children Joy by Richard and Linda Eyre??  I didn’t until about six months ago and then that information totally changed my life!! They are the creators of the program Joy School which is a homeschool co-op that you can run through your home with a couple of other families.  I decided to use their curriculum just to teach my girls and I am so stoked to do so.  We will be starting in September to do it on a consistent basis!  When I signed up for Joy School I also had the opportunity to gain access to some of the other resources on their website.  One of the programs that I would totally stand behind and back up is their nurture code.  Do you want to be able to teach your child to be obedient for a variety of things without having to discipline them in public??  Yeah I did too!  They used animals as an analogy to teach different concepts such as working together, communication, supporting one another.  It’s an absolutely amazing program.  I am not an affiliate of their programs but if I could be I would be!!  I absolutely ADORE their work.  If you want a strong family culture this is where you want to start.


La Leche League

Lots of times when I had questions about breastfeeding I would look to see what other la leche league mommas were saying or KellyMom.  I am a huge breastfeeding advocate.  I breastfed my babies for as long as I was able to and cherished every single moment that I had to connect with them.  I never had any huge challenges with breastfeeding except a milk bleb just recently and missing a pumping session at the hospital which led to engorged breasts.  Both times I checked what La Leche League had to say along with KellyMom and was able to fix the problem with no huge inconvenience.  Really these two resources just go hand in hand.  I wouldn’t use one without the other.

Kelly Mom

If you haven’t already checked out her page you just have to.  She has everything you will ever need to know about breastfeeding and breast milk.  She’s a fountain of knowledge and her website is easy to navigate and use.  Especially for the sleep deprived momma.



I don’t exactly have resource play blogs that I go to all the time.  Instead I rely on Pinterest.  I first go to Pinterest and if Pinterest doesn’t have the answer I’ll google it.  Many times if you search for Dinosaur Sensory Bin or Apple preschool play you will find what you are looking for.  If you don’t, look for something similar and click on the picture for the more option.  That probably will give you what you are looking for.  Have fun pinning!!


Alberta Program of Studies

I am one of those weird homeschooling mommas that agrees with using the Alberta Program of Studies.  This might change in the recent future as the Programs of Studies change but as for now I think they are a great basis and measuring tool to keep on track with learning.  If you want to know what your child would be learning in school for their grade level you can check it out.  I think this is a great starting point to have this information in your teaching homeschool year and then supplement with what you feel is missing. I even wrote a post on it!! Check it out here!!

Handwriting Without Tears-

It was by accident I stumbled across this program but I have recently started to use it for Big Girl.  I absolutely adore this program and will have to write a post on it soon because it is just that amazing.  We went from mega tear melt downs because Big Girl couldn’t have perfection on the first try to having readable letters that she was proud of.  This program comes from people who know children.  It doesn’t just appeal to one learning style but incorporates a lot of them.  There are opportunities for tactile, kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learning.  The songs and activities you use are absolutely amazing!!  I totally love this program!

Joy School-

I haven’t actually started this program yet but will be come fall but its amazing none the less.  I read the book Teaching Your Children Joy.  Another product that we absolutely adore and love.  Want to see pure joy on a child’s face.  Sit on the floor with a popcorn maker with the lid off and let the popcorn pop…  It is mind-blowing to see pure joy come on a child’s face, especially on those faces that have experienced trauma.



The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints-