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Where to Draw Strength in times of Trials

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Where to Draw Strength in times of Trials

Recently, we have been talking a lot about trials and struggles in our life here at Parenting Puh-lease!! Probably because we seem to be in the middle of our own huge storm that we are weathering at the moment. It has made me have to stop and ponder where exactly we can draw strength during these times that seem so hard.

Well this question was recently answered for me when my girls went for a play date. Big Girl was having a bit of a hard day and so my sweet momma friend offered to put CoCo on for the girls to watch.

If you haven’t heard of CoCo it is a recent Disney/Pixar film that focuses on the Mexican tradition of Dia de los Muertos. In english, this would be the Day of the Dead. It’s about a boy named Miguel whose family has banned music due to his great great great grandfather running off from his family to be a musician to never return. So Miguel who has a secret desire to be a musician disobeys his family and runs off to live his dream only to be sucked into the land of the dead where he meets his ancestors and must try to persuade them that music is not to be forgotten but embraced.

Now to be honest when I saw the previews to this movie I was a bit hesitant because it featured skeletons and Big Girl seemed to go through a rough patch where skeletons scared her breathless. She would freak out at Halloween and things were pretty touch and go for a while there. So watching a family movie at a friends house who also have high standards when it came to movies I gave my go ahead and the girls ended up loving it.

Going back to the movie Miguel is able to start to learn the family stories of his past ancestors. He uses these strengths and beliefs to get him through all the obstacles that seem to be placed in his way as he seeks out to be a musician. It really is such a sweet show that may or may not make me tear up at the end every time.

But to be honest the reason that this show makes me tear up every time is because there is such a sweet reminder that when we go through the obstacles we face in this life that we can draw on the strength of our ancestors stories to get through our own obstacles we have.

Empowering Stories

Before I watched the movie CoCo, I remember being drawn towards the heroic accounts of bravery, courage, faith and hope of the survivors of the Holocaust. I came to learn and be humbled by the realization that the Holocaust Survivors stories didn’t just end when they were finally freed from the horrific camps they were placed in. Rather, many of their stories go on to talk about forgiveness for those who had so wrongfully hurt them and treated them with such heartbreaking cruelty.

Our strength of hope, faith and courage from our trials can come from learning about the stories of the past. I realized that the stories from our history not only teach us to think differently so that we don’t commit the same mistakes over but also help us to draw on a strength we would not have known if the stories weren’t told.

So recently, I have been compiling our family stories to place in a book entitled Our Story that embraces our times of courage, bravery, strength and hope.

One of the stories speaks to the strength of faith that a tiny child can have. One Christmas when Big Girl was around the age of three and a half and Curly Girl would have just been shy of a year old we had gone to watch the live nativity. It was an amazing time and we were spiritually uplifted through the. Knowledge about a dear babe who had come to save the world. However, on our trek to this live nativity we had waked for a good ten minutes in the pitch black to get where we needed to go. Big Girl proudly wore her corn toque (a crocheted hat with a unicorn stuffy tied to the top) that had been made lovingly by a sweet and dear family friend. Somehow on our journey there it had bounced off her head and she was quite concerned about it. We walked back the way we had come in hopes of trying to find it with no such luck. Big Girl and I kneeled down and offered a simple yet sweet prayer asking God to help us find her corn hat. As we got up from our knees I asked Big Girl which way we should travel in hopes of finding her hat. With no hesitation she pointed to the left and then motioned for me to turn slightly. In the area where the only light shone was Big Girl’s corn hat. She went running and grabbed it up hugging it to her chest. And in that moment it was a simple reminder that God hears all of our prayers no matter how big or small they might be. Big Girl lovingly brought up this story the other day as she found her unicorn toque in the winter bin and said remember when I lost this hat and we prayed?? And the memory quickly flooded back to me. I knew in an instant that this small act of having faith and stopping to pray and ask and then act allowed us to find her hat and teach a valuable lesson that God truly is there and answers prayers.

We live in a time where we mustn’t forget the importance of standing with courage in our times of doubt, worry and grief. If we want to empower our children we can and will do this as we teach our children not only who they truly are but where they have come from and the family members that stood before them.

So momma if your family like ours are going through some really rough times, don’t despair! Rather embrace the stories of your past and remember to hold your head high because you will and can get through this. Because oh puhlease!! You’ve got this momma!!

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