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You are enough.  You are more than enough.

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Dear Momma, It’s been a while since I last posted on my blog.  I am sorry.  But I have a story to share and I hope that it inspires you because momma you need to know this.  You are enough.  You are more than enough.


Momma have you ever been hit by a good dose of criticalness??  Have you come across the path of someone who felt it was their job to tear you down; despite the fact that they don’t know you?? Have you ever felt like because of the comments they made that suddenly your best really felt like it wasn’t good enough at all??

I know the childhood saying goes sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me.  But let’s be honest.  Words destroy.

You see, back in January I was struck in the path of a Negative Nelly, who truly felt it was her job to attack me critically truly for just being alive.  I don’t know why I let her maliciousness get to me but I did. Back in September I wrote about the time when I questioned my own parenting skills but this was even worse than that, if you can imagine. And I withdrew from a lot of my friends and family.   Some days it took everything just to get out of bed and remind myself that I was a good mom despite what I had been told because this lady decided to truly chastise me on every parenting choice I ever made and chose to defend.  She even went as far as blaming me for some of the awful trials that happened in my life.

You know, it’s an interesting place to be in when a lot of your parenting choices are criticized and questioned.  Have you ever stopped to wonder why on earth you parent the way that you do??  Or have you ever stopped to try to roughly estimate or calculate the hours you have spent researching on how to be a better momma or parent??  I hadn’t until this happened.  And in my calculations I realized that I had spent more than half of my life working with children and 8 years in university preparing myself not just to be an elementary teacher but a momma as well.

Getting hit by the critical bug was one of the hardest things to bounce back from.  My heart hurt and I felt so exposed and so heartbroken.  I constantly questioned why my best wasn’t good enough!?  And this downward spiral kept going and going and going until I came across Kristina Kuzmic’s sweet video where she shares her story of heartbreak and getting hit by the critical bug herself.  She shares her heart way better than I could so go check out her video and then come back here because I want to talk to you still!!

So why on earth did I just spill my heart out to you and why does this really matter to you??

You see in this time of being a momma I have come to realize that you are going to get hit by the critical bug.  Everyone seems to have an opinion on how women should live their lives and worst yet how to parent their kids.  Complete strangers will feel it is their job to tell you that you’re doing it wrong.  Because lets face it some people will agree with how you live your life and how you embrace your own sense of womanhood and others that just won’t.  But be careful momma!!  You won’t know you got hit by the critical bug until you are already trapped in its claws.  It will be in those moments of quiet reflection or in the middle of an outright temper tantrum that you’ll question everything you have done and who you are.  And it is in those moments you need to know that you are enough.  You are more than enough.

You are enough because you chose to sit on the floor and play with your kids rather than scroll through your Facebook feed.

You are enough because you let your littles help you make cookies even though you knew it would be easier, faster, and a lot less stressful if you didn’t let them help at all.

You are enough because you read that one last story or sang just one more lullaby before you tucked your babies into bed last night.

You are enough because you tell them you love everything about them even when they are back talking and giving you more sass than you thought was possible from someone so short.

You are enough because you sometimes go without things you really would love or might actually need so that your babies can always have what they need.

You are enough because you spend more time than you would care to admit researching and reading articles on how to be a better momma when really you recognize it might just be that season of life you are in with those struggles that feel so overwhelming.

You are enough because you choose each day to get up and give your kids the best that you can give them.

You are enough because your name is momma.

Please always remember this.

Momma, you are enough.  You are more than enough.




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    March 12, 2018 at 4:19 am

    thank you!!!!! at 4 am I am up with pain from a recent injury wondering how I am ever going to get through this week…. your honest light has reminded me that whatever I do will be my “enough”. We give different levels of our best at different times. But it is still our best. I am encouraged by your courage <3

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